What’s the point of Capital Pointe?


author: taylor balfour | news writer

theres a hole at the bottom of the city / jeremy davis

The history of what Regina is looking down at

Regardless of how long you’ve been in Regina, Capital Pointe is an infamous legacy that all have heard of at some point, especially within the past year. 

Capital Pointe, known to Regina residents as the “Capital Pointe Hole” has been an ongoing construction project that was announced in 2009 and began in 2014. Ever since, progress has been stalled.  

The building whose location is supposed to be on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Albert Street in downtown Regina, has had nothing more than a giant hole dug into the ground, and for four years, it has remained that way. 

According to Capital Pointe’s website, the vision is for the project to be a 27 story building, described as “the tallest building in the city and a key element in the revitalization of Regina’s urban centre.”  

Despite only being a hole in the ground, the website also claims that “now is the best time to purchase your luxury condo.” 

However, earlier this year, Regina decided they had enough of staring at what has been called “Regina’s eyesore,” and an event titled, “We all stare at the Capital Pointe Hole and say “wow” like Owen Wilson” popped up on Facebook, and a new battle between the City of Regina and Capital Pointe began.The event garnered a few hundred people to gather around Regina’s infamous pit on April 21 and yell “wow.” After realizing that Capital Pointe has morphed into a joke around the city, the City of Regina took action. 

Around the time of the event, the City of Regina began it’s search for contractors to fill the hole. This was after the city threatened to fill it if the developers didn’t continue construction at the end of March. Needless to say, they didn’t. 

It was reported later over the summer that the city wasn’t within legal boundaries to fill the hole themselves, and the construction company was the one that needed needed to decide what their next move what be: building Capital Pointe, filling in the hole, or making the pit permanent by fixing it. 

Westgate Properties, the group in charge of Capital Pointe’s construction, was given until the end of September to decide what they wanted to do with the pit’s fate. Westgate claimed that they were to carry on with the project, with an estimated completion time of March 2022. 

However, the City of Regina is challenging this decision. 

In summary, Capital Pointe’s history is quite muddy, with both the city and Westgate fighting over what the fate of the pit should be. Whether Regina’s eyesore will be sticking around for a while longer is unknown. What is known, however, is how the residents of Regina feel about the hole. “Wow.” 

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