Regina Band Interview Series: Wolf Willow


These band members have the best nicknames of life

So many people. So many tunes. / Wolf Willow

So many people. So many tunes. / Wolf Willow

Western Swing Alternative Country. Sorry what? Yes, that is a music genre, and local Regina band Wolf Willow plays it best. Band members Moose (pedal steel guitar), Stoneface Stanley (guitar), Slick Steve (drums), Mr. Templeton (bass fiddle), Dingy Collette (singer), and Annie Dimple (singer) culminate into a group of music-making champions.

Moose (no, he is not one of those large animals with even larger antlers; he is a human being) took the time to answer some skill-testing questions for us, so, read on and enjoy.

What first got you interested in music?

Well, I was recruited for the band by Dingy Collette from Darston.

How did your band get into the music industry?

Dingy heard about 13th Avenue Records in Regina and brought the band to Regina to give it go.

What are your future goals as a band?

We’re recording our first record right now. We hope to release it in January and play some festivals next summer.

 What is the meaning of life?

Life should be pleasant.

What is your definition of true love?

Love is a choice you make every day.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction books?

Well, a few of us in the band really like Louis L’Amour. I guess that means fiction.

Which superhero do you look up to the most?

When I was tree planting, I met this guy who once did 10,000 trees in a day. That makes him a superhero doesn’t it?

If you could eliminate one of the 10 commandments out of the Bible, which one would you eliminate?

That one about swearing doesn’t seem terribly practical. 

What are your greatest failures?

When doing carpentry, my dowel joints are not what I wish they were.

What are your greatest successes?

The band’s greatest success to date was our debut show this last Jul. 19.

Do you like cats?

They’re fine in the barn controlling mice.

Who are your favourite sports teams?

Our guitar player, Stoneface Stanley, had a brief association with the Melville Millionaires, but we don’t talk about that anymore.

 What musicians inspire you the most?

We idolize the Texas Troubadours, who were Ernest Tubb’s back-up band.

Would you like your life to end with a fairy tale ending or tragic ending?

A fairy tale ending would be great.

What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Bands that put on boring shows.

If you could go back in time historically and punch anybody you wanted with no consequences, who would you punch?

Every time I start thinking about this question I get stalled out thinking about Marty McFly playing “Johnny B Good” in Back to The Future.

What are your favourite ice cream flavours?

Dingy Collette:  Neapolitan

Annie Dimple: Organic vanilla

Why is the sky blue?

Well, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense if it was green or red. 

What physical aspects of yourself are you most proud of?

Stoneface Stanley: My left fret had.

Slick Steve: My moustache.

Mr. Templeton: My hair is legendary.

What areas of life do you take the most pride in?

When I don’t grow a good tomato crop, I feel a great deal of shame.

Which historical event do you wish never happened?

I kind of wish Dylan had never gone electric at Newport.

There we have it kiddos! Another unique group of individuals who play sick music with sick skills. Cheers to Wolf Willow. I hope these wolves don’t eat all the willow trees. That would be sad.

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