Regina Band Interview Series: Merky Waters


This DJ Hip-Hop guy lays down some sick beats

Look at that smile! / Chris Merk

Look at that smile! / Chris Merk

Muddy waters? Sludgy waters? Dirty waters? Nope. Merky Waters. Chris Merk (aka: Merky Waters) is a local Regina man of many talents. In fact, he’s a DJ, Hip-Hop Producer, and Educator. Impressive.

This beat-dropping dude has recently finished up his new album SWIM, which he will release later this year. So, let’s get to know DJ Merky Waters a bit more, shall we? Heck yes! Here we go.


What first got you interested in music?


Mixtapes and old-school Hip-Hop (Kool Moe Dee, KRS-One, and Monie Love).


How did your band get into the music industry?

I started out as a DJ and met some rappers who needed beats, so I started making beats, putting out music, and doing shows with them.


What are your future goals as a band?

Putting out my new album SWIM and scoring movies.


What is the meaning of life? 




What is your definition of true love?


True love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another. I think I heard that in a movie or something.


Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction books? 


The one with the most pictures. Pop-ups are also appreciated.


Which superhero do you look up to the most?


Howard the Duck.


If you could eliminate one of the 10 commandments out of the Bible, which one would you eliminate?


I think we should add one more: Thou shall not be wack.


What are your greatest failures?


My greatest failures are those when I failed because I never tried.


What are your greatest successes?


My greatest successes are those when I tried even though I was afraid of failing and finishing my new album SWIM coming out later this year!


Do you like cats?


Hell no! I prefer Les Miserables and dogs.


Who are your favourite sports teams?


‘92, ‘93 & ‘94 Chicago Bulls.


Which musicians inspire you the most?


Madlib, Stevie Wonder, and the RZA.


Would you like your life to end with a fairy tale ending or a tragic ending?


A fairy tale ending please.


What is your biggest pet peeve? 



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