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Taking the bus can reduce traffic and carbon emissions, assuming your bus ever arrives. OpenClipart-Vectors via Pixabay manipulated by Lee Lim

With your bus pas already included in tuition, what is there to lose?

Hey students! Are you debating on how to get to and from classes come this fall, now that a majority of classes are returning in person? Well, I am going to tell you one of the options that may just be right for you and describe why you should consider it. Did you know that the city of Regina has public transit? Plus, a pass for unlimited rides is included in your tuition fees. So, today I am going to tell you some of benefits of riding public transit and why you should consider partaking in it this fall. 

First of all, because the amount of a transit pass is already included in our tuition fees. That means an unlimited rides bus pass, known as a “U-Pass,” is already charged to our account and only costs $87.60 per semester. This means you can use the U-Pass to get around the city as much as you like! Not only is it already included in our tuition fees, but also when taking transit bus, you do not have to pay for gas to drive to and from campus. Plus, you save on the price of a parking pass as well. Not only does this save you the $220 a semester on a parking pass, it also lets you avoid the hassle of looking for a parking spot on campus. 

Now that we have talked about some of the price benefits of using public transit, I wanted to talk to you about some of the student life benefits to taking public transit. When I first started at campus, I was someone that would drive to and from campus. Now I have been taking public transit for over two years, and I have learned some of the real benefits to taking public transit. One of the main benefits while taking transit is that the city of Regina offers a variety of different routes that take you directly to campus. The routes that take you directly to campus are routes 3, 4, 18, 21, 22, and 30. You may have to transfer buses depending on where you live but let’s be real, getting dropped off basically right at campus doors in -20 degree weather is a pretty good perk. 

Not only do you get dropped off at the campus doors, but you also gain some time on the bus to yourself since you are not driving. Taking the bus can mean you now have time to skim your notes before a big exam one last time on your way to class, or you can reflect and finish up notes that you missed in class. It can also give you time to just sit back and relax and watch your favourite show or listen to your favourite tunes while you travel back and forth. Don’t all those options sound like a great idea, having the ability to get places and get things done all at once?

I also want to bring to your attention some of the websites you should use to your benefit if you choose to use public transit. Make sure that you look at the City of Regina Transportation website to find information on what route to take, route map, live route map and more. Also check out the University of Regina Student Union website or visit the URSU member desk in Riddell Centre on second floor to activate your U-Pass for the fall semester. Since you now know all these benefits to taking public transit, make sure you highly consider taking public transit to and from campus this fall semester!


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