Prince Albert’s latest healthcare project 

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In spring 2024, construction on Prince Albert Victoria Hospital begins 

In the heart of Saskatchewan, a ground-breaking healthcare initiative is about to change the landscape of medical services and patient care. On July 24, 2023, the Government of Saskatchewan announced the Prince Albert Victoria Hospital project.  

This project has been conceptualized with the vision of addressing the growing healthcare needs of the people in the community and region. The Prince Albert Victoria Hospital project includes the construction of a new acute tower connected to and directly north of the existing facility.  

The province also announced an $898 million contract, which included the design and construction of a new acute care tower according to coverage by CTV News. The community is growing, and the facility requires more investments for beds and expansion. According to the July 24, 2023 press release, “The number of beds in Victoria Hospital will have an increase of up to 40 [per cent], from the current 173 beds to 242 beds on opening day, with a plan to expand further as needed. The project will include a larger emergency department and enhanced medical imaging services, including an MRI.” 

The project will take a comprehensive approach by constructing a modern and fully equipped hospital facility that integrates the latest technological advancements in healthcare. “The new tower features a heliport on the roof, an expanded emergency department, larger operating rooms, pediatrics, maternity, NICU, new medical imaging, and a First Nations and Metis Cultural space, among other key services,” according to a February 1 Saskatchewan Government press release. 

It is important to note that this project is a significant investment and would cover the scope of accommodating the growing needs of the northern communities. Larger operating rooms attend to a demand in healthcare for more space to handle more patients. This project has the potential to support current and future healthcare needs in Prince Albert and its neighbouring communities for years to come.  

According to the Feb 1 press release, the “Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) has partnered with the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Health Authority on this project. […] PAGC is providing feedback on the design of the facility. During the construction phase, [PCL Construction Management (PCL)] will engage with local and Indigenous businesses and trades to deliver services for the project.”  

This project expansion is only going to help Prince Albert residents to access health care available closer to home. The project is expected to begin spring 2024 with anticipated completion in 2028.  

“As work moves forward on the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert, staff, patients and families will begin to notice changes at the hospital site,” Saskatchewan Health Authority Chief Operating Officer Derek Miller said. “These changes signify the progress of the project, which will expand services for Prince Albert and the surrounding area, and our commitment to the public to deliver quality care close to home.”  

The new tower being built at the Victoria Hospital in Prince Albert is a project that was awarded by the Saskatchewan government to PCL with a nearly $1 billion contract according to CTV News

In another CTV News article, Mayor Greg Dionne is summarized referencing the impact of the construction: “a development Mayor Greg Dionne says solidifies the hospital’s role in serving not just the city, but the north. […] Dionne said he’s excited for residents to receive treatment close to home.” It then went on to quote Dionne, saying, “Part of your healing is being around your family and friends.”  

“I am proud that our government is getting this project done and that it is the largest single investment, private or government, in the history of Prince Albert,” SaskBuilds and Procurement Minister and MLA for Prince Albert Carleton Joe Hargrave said. “This hospital will bring expanded and state of the art service to Prince Albert and the North and will benefit all of Saskatchewan upon completion.”  

“Boreal Healthcare Foundation’s valuable philanthropic partnership on this project will have a lasting impact on the wellbeing of the community. Their significant contribution toward the furniture, fixtures and equipment needs for the hospital will elevate the care provided by staff and physicians, resulting in better patient outcomes,” as stated in the February 1 press release. 

This is important for the residents’ accessibility to the bare minimum of healthcare that is easily available in other provinces and communities. This collaborative approach will not only meet the standards of modern healthcare but also reflect the unique needs and values of the local community.  

The economic impact of this project cannot be overlooked. The construction of the hospital will generate employment for people serving in healthcare and decrease both the number of people and distance needed to travel for healthcare access. This may solidify Prince Albert’s position as a regional healthcare hub. This ripple effect of job creation will also be seen during the construction phase, boosting the local economy.  

The emphasis is on ensuring that quality and top-tier professionals will be taking over the project so that the quality is not tampered with and that standards are met accurately. The project is a testament to a collaborative partnership that aims to uphold the values of Indigenous communities and integrate them into the healthcare system.  


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