Premier brunch at Lady of the Lake

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Highlights and blunders from this Brandon, Manitoba restaurant

People love brunch. There’s just something about going out with your friends on a Sunday at 11 a.m. to enjoy some good breakfast or lunch, and maybe a cocktail that everyone enjoys. In Brandon, Manitoba, the premier place for brunch is Lady of the Lake. 

Lady of the Lake is a quintessential brunch spot to the point that it’s not even open for supper most days. All the food available is either breakfast or lunch foods, and everything is fresh, homemade, farm-to-table food. 

I’ve had the chance to go to Lady of the Lake a few times while in Brandon, and I have some thoughts.

To start, it’s loud. It’s always busy in Lady of the Lake. If you don’t time your visit exactly right, chances are there will be a long wait time. This is a testament to the quality of the food and the high opinions of the people who are there, but the noise level makes me feel overwhelmed. I could barely hear the people I was sitting with talk because it was so loud in the restaurant. It’s not exactly a cozy, intimate brunch with your friends when you can’t hear your friends talk. 

The food is good, but it’s fancy. Nothing is plain and simple. It’s loaded with a variety of vegetables and sauces – and, if you’re getting a dish with bread, it’s not just bread. It’s sourdough, rye, or an organic whole-wheat bun. It’s very fancy bread. 

Regarding the food I had when I was there, it didn’t stand out that much to me. But my mom and grandma, who I was with, loved it and kept talking about how good it was. I had ordered the eggs benedict; it wasn’t cooked right. The yolk wasn’t even a little bit runny. It was still good, just not what it was supposed to be. But I’ve never had a better biscuit in my entire life. Lady of the Lake has absolutely incredible biscuits. 

To be blunt, I hate the flooring. It just doesn’t work. The walls and ceiling in the main area are a bright red with a wooden floor, which is fine. In the next area, divided only by this little divider on the floor, the tile is yellow and white checkered. The change feels very abrupt and uncalled for. The red chairs that worked perfectly fine on the wood flooring don’t fit at all with the checkered floor. It feels out of place and like it doesn’t belong. Keep your flooring consistent or make a bigger change in flow to make it work together. 

Inside the same building, but not in the restaurant, is The Shop. The Shop is open earlier and later than the restaurant and specializes in vintage furniture. I’ve never been into The Shop, so I can’t comment too much on it, but from the pictures it feels very modern farmhouse. And they have wooden flooring, making the change from wood to tile back to wood even weirder.  

One of their stand-out attractions at Lady of the Lake is the tea truck. Outside the restaurant is an old truck decorated entirely with old teacups, tea saucers, and other tea-related memorabilia. You can look at it and find tea supplies from all kinds of different places, all located on one truck. 

To conclude, yes, Lady of the Lake has good, fresh food, but it’s fancy. If fancy brunch isn’t your style, I wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to go to brunch with older members of your family, I think they would enjoy it and you could get some good food in the process. But, if you get overwhelmed by noisy restaurants, try not to go during the lunch rush. 


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