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Two sweet love poems by one sweet student

So much love. So much happy. / Destiny Kaus

So much love. So much happy. / Destiny Kaus

Author: Madahana Mbayah

My Eternity

I was just there, seated by the stair

My eyes were roving, and they caught a stare

A glitter from a distance, from a pair of eyes

Deep, sunken, penetrating, enough to paralyze

This time though I was brave enough

To get off my seat, to make you my better half

Which I did succeed, and now I have you

May this poem be a part of my love for you

I caught your stare, I recall, and stared back

You blushed, looked down, and I felt my luck

I moved forward, you moved back, we moved at least

You reached a wall, I reached you, we reached and kissed

 I saw you smile, and my lips curved also

I watched you shy, and I loved you more, more so

You told me a lot, about you and also about me

Most of which were true, you had researched, I see

You were smiling so brightly, you were meant to shine

And now I am yours, and now you are mine

I love you; I would say that to eternity

You are my eternity; I believe in this affinity.

The Best I’ll Ever Have

Just when I thought my heart would never love again

You appeared before me and made my heart rate gain

Just when I thought it was broken and hard to fix

You came to me with glue and picked it piece by piece

Just when I thought my opinion on love was thwarted

You saved my mind and loved me when I was brokenhearted

And now when I am having doubts about our love

You come to me with words “the best I’ll ever have”

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