Palaye Royale rocks Saskatoon


author: alexa lawlorstaff writer

The band is well known for its theatrical show. | Photo credit: Alexa Lawlor

Stuck in the Boom Boom Room: a live show like no other.

The simplest way to start this is to say that I love Palaye Royale. I like to think of Palaye Royale as a well-kept secret. I discovered Palaye Royale in Feb. 2014. At that time, they were still an unsigned band, and I feel like I’ve been able to watch them grow and slowly gain more and more fans around the world.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet them twice now, and both times they’ve totally amazed me. Not only do they put on a spectacular live show, but they’re also one of the nicest bands I’ve ever met, which only makes me love them more.

The first time I had the chance to see them was when I drove to Minnesota in the summer of 2016. When I met them, I made sure to mention that I was from Saskatchewan, and that it would be wonderful if they could actually include a stop in the province if they were doing a Canadian tour. Then, when Andy Black announced the dates and the opening bands for the Homecoming Tour, it included both Saskatchewan, and Palaye Royale.

Since Palaye Royale was the first opening band, they only had the time to play five songs, which included mainly singles from their first album, Boom Boom Room Side A, as well as a cover of “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. However, Palaye Royale also had five tickets available for an acoustic VIP show for each date of the tour. Naturally I had to get one, since I was mainly going to the show for Palaye Royale.

Writing this the morning after the show, I definitely don’t regret either decision. The acoustic VIP show was incredibly cozy, in the stairwell of the front doorway into the venue. It was certainly an interesting experience, although maybe a little bit cold. In the words of Sebastian Danzig, “Since we’re the opening band, we’re not really allowed to be anywhere, so we get put in the weirdest places.”

There was a sound check happening at the same time for one of the other bands, so I not only got to listen to about four or five acoustic songs, including my favourite song, “Ma Chérie,” but I also got to chat to them a bit about Boom Boom Room Side B. They mentioned that Side B was going to be a bit grittier and more aggressive, but also more theatrical than Side A.

As I mentioned to the band during the VIP show, they have yet to do anything that I don’t like, and I’m beyond excited for Boom Boom Room Side B to come out. They’ve mentioned on a few occasions that when the album does get released, they will be doing a headlining tour. I only mentioned that they should come back to Saskatchewan a few times. If they do, I hope that I’ll see some familiar faces there!

In a way, I’m a little conflicted. I want to see them grow to the point of being able to headline arena tours, but at the same time, I really enjoy the close relationship that they have with their fans, nicknamed the Soldiers of the Royal Council. I also just really enjoy not having to wait an extremely long time to chat with them when you meet them after a show.

Palaye Royale is an absolute gem. I’m so happy that I found them, or really, that they found me. I’m incredibly proud to call myself a Soldier of the Royal Council, and I love having the opportunity to watch them grow as a band. Although I can’t really call them my secret anymore, I’m happy to see them gaining the popularity and recognition that they deserve.

I could add so much more detail about my experience and the conversations that I had with the members, Sebastian Danzig, Remington Leith, and Emerson Barrett… but instead, all I’ll do is recommend that you check out Boom Boom Room Side A. It’s truly an amazing album, and it’s available on YouTube, iTunes, and pretty much anywhere you can find music these days.

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