NFL update: not early season anymore


author: ethan butterfield  a&c editor

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Its weird this year, really weird 

Six weeks in and the competition is really starting to heat up! From undefeated teams to surprise contenders, this year has already been a wild ride. For those who aren’t sure, the NFL is closing in on the halfway point for this season and it’s anyone’s ballgame (unless or a Cardinals or Raiders fan that is. I mean, yikes.) (editors note: Yeah…..) So, with that being the case, it’s time to look at what’s going on around the league and see who the big contenders are as it gets closer to playoff season. 

First and foremost, the Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs. My oh my, how these teams have grown. I know it’s extremely early to say this, but I wouldn’t be shocked if the Rams went all the way to the NFC Championship game; this squad looks great! Jared Goff is handling the ball well, and Todd Gurley is getting some huge numbers in the rushing yards department. In addition, the defence is on fire.  

Then, on the other side of the conference are the Kansas City Chiefs, who are doing wonders in the AFC. That is, until the Andy Reid curse starts showing its ugly head, which it might have considering Kansas City’s recent loss against the Patriots. I hope this team does well, I really do, but Andy Reid has a nasty habit of not wanting nice things apparently. 

Moving on to another solid team and their curse, the Baltimore Ravens may have finally broken the spell I put on them! Some context first. Three years ago, I wrote an article for the Carillon discussing the five best quarterbacks of 2015. Long story short, all of them (except for Tom Brady) had a terrible year that year. Flacco, however, got the worst of it, as he continued to suck well into 2016 and 2017. This year, though, Flacco looks like he’s back in 2013 MVP mode. He’s dangerous and he knows it. 

Next up on the list is the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills, two teams that made me go, “How are you still contending for the playoffs?! How?!” The Dolphins are the most shocking, in my opinion. With a current record of 4-2, they’re currently tied with the Patriots for first place in their division. Then there’s the Buffalo Bills, which have got to be the luckiest team I have ever seen. This is a squad that should be 0-6 right now, but somehow, someway, they’ve hung in by winning two games no one thought they would win. Hey Gruden, you seeing this? Why can’t you do this for Oakland?! 

Look, we’re in a season where the Chicago Bears are first in their division after six weeks, the Los Angeles Chargers are second in theirs, and the Cleveland Browns have been picked as favourites for one or two games. As well as what I mentioned above, this has been a decent year for the fans of these teams. Does Oakland get the same success though? No, why would we? Why would we? John Gruden has decided to gut this team and sell all the useful bits for more polish so that he can continue to shine his 2002 Super Bowl ring, which he won when coaching against Oakland, might I add! 

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. 

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