Movie review – Paranormal Activity 2


Paranormal Activity 2
Directed by Tod Williams
Starring Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat

Compared to the meagre budget of the first Paranormal Activity, its sequel has a $3 million budget. Given what they did with it, I have no idea how all that money was spent. While Paranormal Activity was good overall, it wasn’t much different than its predecessor.

Paranormal Activity 2 acts as both a prequel and sequel to the original film. The sequel follows Daniel and Kristi Rey and their children, Ali and Hunter. After what appears to be a break-in attempt, the family installs several surveillance cameras throughout their home.

Following this, weird things begin to happen to the family and the teenaged daughter Ali begins to suspect that a demon is responsible after getting locked out of the house. She discovers that the demon may be trying to take her baby brother Hunter after she reads that often in a deal with the devil, a demon will take the firstborn son.

Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat make appearances in this film as well, as it takes place before, during, and immediately after the events of Paranormal Activity. An appearance by Katie at the end the film sets the franchise up nicely for a third movie. Based on what happens at the end of this film, the third movie in the series will probably be the best Paranormal Activity yet.

Paranormal Activity 2 builds slowly, and I found myself wondering when the action would actually start. When it finally did start, it seemed like the filmmakers were just using the same tricks from the previous film in this one.

While Paranormal Activity 2 may seem like a carbon copy of the original film, part of the fun is wondering what is going to happen and when. Then, when something finally does happen, it’s fun trying to figure out how they filmed it. Seriously. I’m mind-boggled by the dragging scenes.

Paranormal Activity 2 begs to be seen in theatres because you can experience the tension it creates in an audience. The theatre I was in was full of nervous laughter, gasps and screams. One guy threw up during the movie. Paranormal Activity 2 wasn’t the best movie, but it had its scary moments.

I will never understand how children and dogs always seem to know about evil spirits before the rest of us do.

Jen Squires


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