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More of the same for the Cougs / nathan mccarville

Cougars continue to improve regular season record 

After the holidays, the Cougars women’s hockey team is finally back on the ice. Picking up where the regular issues of the Carillon leave off, the women’s hockey team improved upon their regular season record, winning an additional four games in the past four playing weekends. The Cougars record currently stands at 11-9-2 for the 2018-19 season.  

Playing against the Calgary Dinos, the Cougars won their first game with a favourable result of 2-1. The first goal of the game was scored by the Dinos’ Laine Grace, which was assisted by Brooke Dennett one1 minute into the first period. The Cougars caught up late in the game with a goal from Lilla Carpenter-Boesch in the third period, assisted by Jaycee Magwood and Emma Waldenberger. The game went into overtime after the score couldn’t be resolved during the regularly scheduled game, Tamara McVannel scoring at 4:20 into overtime assisted by Jaycee Magwood and Lilla Carpenter-Boesch.  

The following game had an identical score, 2-1, again in favour of the Cougars. The first goal of the game was scored by the Dinos when Rachel Paul, assisted by Dana Wood and Sarah Craven, scored a goal late in the first. The Cougars quickly caught up, Nikki Watters-Matthes scoring a goal early in the second with the help of Jenna Mark and Ireland South. Though there was no need for an overtime period in the second game, Elise Endicott scored the final goal of the game at 14:10 in the third, assisted by Emily Middagh and Chelsea Hallson.  

The following week that the Cougars played against the UBC Thunderbirds was absent of a win for the Cougars. The first game played on Nov. 23 ended with a result of 3-0 in favour of the Thunderbirds, while the second game ended with an overtime loss for the Cougars, the game ending with a result of 2-1 in favour of the birds.  

The Cougars then played against the Mount Royal Cougars, a team that has offered our heroines mixed results in the past. The first game of the weekend was met with a loss against the MRU Cougars when the game went into overtime when the score was tied 3-3. Though the overtime period allowed the MRU Cougars to score an additional goal, winning the game 4-3, the following game brought completely different results. The Cougars got a shutout and scored three goals in the game, with an end result of 3-0 for the Cougars. Scorers for the game included Chelsea Hallson, Emily Middagh, and Ireland South.  

This brings us to the present, where the Cougars faced off against the Lethbridge Pronghorns on Jan. 4 and 5 here at Regina’s own Cooperators Centre. The Pronghorns emerged victorious after the first game ended with a result of 1-0. Though the following game ended with a score of 3-2 in favour of the Cougars, the Cougars were the first to score when Jaycee Magwood scored in the first, and then again in the middle of the second. Emily Waldenberger then scored the third goal for the Cougars, followed by the Pronghorns’ attempt to tie the game, where the Pronghorns scored two goals at the hands of Alli Borrow and Kyra Greig before the game came to an end.  

The Cougars are set to play against the Huskies on Jan. 11 in Saskatoon, and again on Jan. 12 in Regina for another home game. 

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