New things for improv in Regina

Check them out tonight at the Artful Dodger! design by Colby Richardson

Check them out tonight at the Artful Dodger!
design by Colby Richardson

Explore Outward Improv’s Duo Duels

Outward Improv is “A little tough to explain.” says Mack Brock, creator of Outward Improv, an improv movement that fundraises projects through its shows. Fundraising and supporting local artists is “something I’ve always been interested in and I thought that I would start by doing this.”

“We use improv to unite our community, to fund causes and artists in our local community.” Right now, Outward Improv is putting on Duo Duels, improv shows that feature Regina’s veteran improvisers and new faces to the Regina Improv scene. Duo Duels will feature improv duo performing and competing in various games and events where participants will have to create scenes that are largely improvised.

Proceeds from Duo Duels will go to the Canadian Improv Games (CIGs), a company that hosts Improv competitions at the high school level in hopes of nurturing young improvisers. Brock says “It seemed like a logical place to start. It is the organization that has impacted me the most and other young performers. [CIGs] train people to be listeners and to be collaborators, creators and effective members of the community.” He went on to mention that it not only aided those who chose to pursue the arts after participating, but that the skills learned affected those who chose other paths. “All of the people performing and volunteering, have developed skills like collaboration, creativity, and passion for the creative community because of the CIGs and this translates to more than just things onstage but also translates into building a better community as a whole.”

Vanessa Prevost, an improviser and part of a duo with Genevieve Robinson, a high school student, says “I chose to perform for Outward Improv because it gave me a chance to improvise out of my usual troupe. The facts that this show is raising money for the CIGs makes me even more excited to perform for them because it was and still is such an important part of my life. Outward Improv is especially important because it shows me that creative life doesn’t end after high school.”

And the CIGs have played an important part in the creative community in Regina. In the past decade various troupes have started performing in Regina. Combat Improv, Red Hot Riot and Hitchhikers Improv are only a few of various troupes that perform in town. Brock credits seeing a Combat Improv show as inspiring him to end up doing improv later in life. Tatiana Maslany, an actor that has starred on many programs, most famously Orphan Black, participated in the CIGs and is featured on the Regional trophy for Saskatchewan.

“One of the things our creative community is struggling with is we lose a lot of very talented people because there aren’t as many perceived outlets or structures in this city. So after seeing that, and seeing the amazing people who I don’t think we should risk losing, I realized that the only way to build that amazing community is to promote projects that people can do and establish a sustainable community,” says Brock.

Outward Improv has another Duo Duels show on Thursday November 5 at the Artful Dodger at 7:30 PM and its Duo Duels finale on November 12th at the Artful Dodger at 7:30 PM.

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