New Beginnings

Many classrooms, many opportunities/ Haley Klassen

Many classrooms, many opportunities/ Haley Klassen

A student returns from the cold.

Author: Melody Findlay

Starting university in the fall, there are many things to be excited for. I look forward to meeting new people, taking advantage of the university’s resources, and getting one step closer to starting a life on my own. After taking a year off of school to work, I can honestly say it helped me choose what I wanted to do and motivated me to do greater things than what I am currently doing jobwise. It’s a comforting feeling knowing that if I work hard enough and make the right decisions, I won’t have to work in the food industry for long. Although it was nice working for a year, I’m happy that I’ll be experiencing a whole new different life soon.

This transition feels like I’m a small fish from a small pond being moved to an ocean. There are many different kinds of people, and it’ll be easy to find people who I share mutual interests with, whether I meet them in class, or a school club. The idea of being surrounded by people who are self-motivated and are attending university because they want to be there is wonderful. Their positive and hardworking attitude would be very contagious, and will just give a great vibe. People who want to succeed surround you, and I can’t tell you enough how beautiful this is.

The resources the university offers seem to be endless. There are so many different clubs that it’d be difficult to not find one that sparks your interest. There are also a lot of events that happen that I look forward to attending and making connections that I may need in the future. I noticed that the most well connected people are usually very successful in what they set their minds to. I love knowing that I get the opportunity to meet people that would be able to help me in what I want to go into. Although I know that if I need help academically, I can easily get tutoring, and it’s encouraging to have that in place. Not everyone transitions well from high school to university, and there’s no way in telling whether or not you’d succeed before actually being in a class for a while.

I love the fact that I have free will to go into any program I’d like and being one step closer to getting my future career started, as well as being completely independent. But if you’re in a program that you know you aren’t enjoying, it’s reassuring to know there are so many degrees to choose from if you want to change. Before going to university, you meet a lot people who are dead set on going into a certain field, but then later change their minds. It happens, and as long as you’re a flexible person, you’ll be fine. If Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters!

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