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The band is back and ready for the next step. | Photo credit: Mutiny Within Facebook

Banding with Butterfield talks future content with the metal band.

So, as the semester gets back into the swing of things, I too have started getting back into my comfort zone. This week, I’m very happy to present an interview with hard rock group Never Say Die. You can find the discussion with lead vocalist Reid Henry below.

So, first question, how did the group come up with the name Never Say Die?

Never say die is an old saying that means not giving up in the face of adversity, which is how we all feel about playing music. It also sums up the desperation, tenacity, and aggression felt in the songs.

The bands newest single “Automatic” sounds brilliant! What was the creation process like for that song?
Initially it was the product of a writing session that my friend Chris Millar and I had a few years ago. When Mike, Dane, Brendan, and I started working on songs for the Never Say Die record, it came into the fold and it clicked really well with the other songs.

If you can say, how much new material does Never Say Die have planned?
We’re just finishing up our first record now, but we’ve already got tons of ideas in mind to start the second record right away.

I’m curious. How did the group know that this was the style you wanted to play? What are some of your influences?
We’ve all been playing hard rock and metal for a long time, so the songs and the style came together really organically. We’re all huge Deftones and Tool fans, but we also love electronic music.

What is it like performing live for the group?
We actually haven’t played a show yet. I’ll let you know after our tour starts early next year!

When performing live, is it all original material or are there any covers as well?
Mostly originals, but we’ll have a few familiar My Darkest Days songs in there, too.

I understand that Never Say Die came after another band by the name of My Darkest Days. How did that transition come about?
When our friend and bandmate, Matt Walst, had the opportunity to sing lead vocals for Three Days Grace, Brendan and I spent a while figuring out what we were going to do next. After a few years of playing in different bands we decided it was time to get back together and make the music we love to play.

Last question, what does the future hold for Never Say Die?
A new record and many many shows!

So there you have it! Look out for Never Say Die to make a bang in 2017. Their new single “Automatic” is available now!

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