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Sit-down with Cailin Ekstrand

Sports science is an ever-growing field filled with constant research and development toward maximizing the abilities of an athlete. As such, many students learn and benefit the most from a hands-on, interactive opportunity. One such student recently received the opportunity to further her education with the proper work experience. The Carillon had the opportunity to sit down with Cailin Ekstrand, who was named as the fieldwork student for Craven SPORT Services.

What was your first reaction to being to the position?

After my interview, I was immediately offered my fieldwork position. I was looking forward to getting started with everything this semester. I remember calling my mom right after my interview and I am sure she didn’t get a word in. I was so busy telling her about everything they were going to give me the opportunity to do.

What are you looking forward to the most while working for the organization?

I’d have to say I am most looking forward to using the past three and a half years of classes in a practical setting. I have had a few opportunities to work with agencies and organizations, but to fully immerse myself into the workplace and have the opportunity to use the knowledge that I’ve spent so many years learning and studying is really exciting to me. I cannot wait to use it.

I am also looking forward to working with various sports, which I have not previously worked with. Judo, fencing and wheelchair basketball are just the few sports that I hope to learn more about.

Are there any particular challenges you are looking forward to in this position?

One challenge I am really looking forward to meeting the groups I will be working with, specifically surrounding program design. I am really excited to learn how to create a program for sports-specific groups, tailoring it for where a team is in their season.

Craven SPORT Services works with SaskSport, which means I have the opportunity work with youth in their sport training and, eventually, learn how to design a program for them. I have little experience with it, so I am excited to learn about the design and process to a program.

Do you have any ideas for programs you would like to take a lead in?

I will be working alongside youth sports, which is something I haven’t previously done. I think these are the groups that I am most looking forward to working with and leading. I can see how strong and hardworking athletes they are. Many of these youth are training for big competitions such as provincials, nationals, and even the Olympics. Working with these kinds of athletes is something that interests me as their passion and drive for their sport is so high and I love that.

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