Music reviews – Girls: Father, Son, Holy Ghost


Father, Son, Holy Ghost
True Panther Sounds

The first single from the new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost by San Francisco indie rock band Girls is titled “Vomit.” The song and album, though, does anything but evoke this feeling. The band, whose debut LP Album was received with critical acclaim, blatantly references the music that inspired them, bringing to mind Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly, and Paul Simon. Yet, despite what may seem like a vomit-inducing amount of homage, Girls are still able to successfully sound distinctly different from their inspirations. The first track on the album, “Honey Bunny”, is reminiscent of the Beach Boys, while the following track, “Alex”, croons classic rock. The band’s ability to balance homage and individuality is helped by singer/songwriter Christopher Owen, whose ability to create deeply affecting tone and believable stories of innocence and growth makes this the album of choice for any student looking to wisely spend the last of their student-loan cash.

Kelly Malone

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