Music review – Lights: Siberia


Lights Music

“You captured my attention, carefully listening, don’t want to miss a thing, keeping my eyes on you.”

Lights articulated perfectly in Siberia’s title track “Toes” what her loyal following has been doing for years. Siberia is Lights’s second studio album and it comes packaged with its own unique, crisp sound. Lights has been going non-stop since the release of her first album The Listening in 2009. Now she’s off to start the next part of her journey with Siberia.  Still holding true to her original work, Lights has pushed her music to a new level. Siberia is a new step for Lights: she doesn’t just develop her vocals beyond what she achieved in The Listening, but experiments with new forms of expression through her use of dubstep and guest artists, and has grown into writing stronger, more meaningful lyrics.

The album is of the reminiscent of the 2010 film Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Siberia has that same indie, Toronto sound – something I find unique coming from Canada’s biggest city. The album is perfect for the fall and winter days to follow – an easy, uplifting, upbeat album to warm those chilly Canadian months.

Megan Narsing

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