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Graffiti6 construct an engrossing combination of pop, indie-rock, psychedelia, and soul with its first full-length album, Colours. It’s spacey, a bit strange, but thoroughly intriguing. The vocals are often lower in the mix, which enjoins the listener to become enveloped in the superabundance of sounds from a wide array of instruments including, but not limited to, guitars (electric, acoustic, and pedal steel), synths, strings, pianos (electric and acoustic), xylophone and various other percussion instruments. Despite this amalgamation of many instruments, they blend together beautifully and never become messy or overbearing. The vocals are as numerous as the many instrumental parts with their soaring melodies and multi-part harmonies.

Colours has a particular flow to the track order, beginning with high-energy songs  “Stone in My Heart” and “Annie You Save Me”, moving to more relaxed-paced songs “This Man” and “Colours,” and back again to up-tempo tracks again, like “Never Look Back,” which gives the album a very fluid feeling.

Colours is a highly idiosyncratic album, both laid-back and highly energetic, strange and melodious, and musically swathing, but not overwhelming or confusing. It finds a balance between these traits to generate an hour’s worth of music that’s engaging and enjoyable.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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