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Acres of Lions
Cordova Bay

Victoria’s Acres of Lions’ sophomore album Collections has the same upbeat, pop aesthetic throughout the entire album without any major deviation. The instrumentation isn’t anything particularly flashy or interesting and seems to serve as backing for the sweetly harmonized vocal hooks, which tend to be the primary focus of the music. There aren’t any spectacular guitar riffs, but there is a really nice blend of electric and acoustic guitars that give the album a very rich and full sound.

Collections has a ton of catchy songs, but they sometimes toe the line of songs and jingles. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if I heard “Reaction” on a Fido commercial. None of the songs are astoundingly bad, but they can sometimes come off as a little cheesy. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few solid tunes on the album. “Narrow Miss” and the album’s title track are good songs through and through with no annoying “doo doos” or other various wordless syllables in the chorus.

Collections is a catchy album with a few decent songs, but it lacks enough diversity and differentiation to keep it interesting.

Paul Bogdan
A&C Writer

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