Mental health and physical health during online school

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There may be a plague out there, but we can still try our best to feel our best

In Regina, Saskatchewan, the winter season has just begun, and we are continuing the battle of COVID-19. For Carillon readers in general, and especially our University of Regina students, this can be a hard time as we are online once again for winter semester until at least February 7. All of these events take a toll on our mental and physical health. This week I’m going to talk about mental and physical health, and how we can try and remain healthy. These following activities are ones that you can do alone or with others!

If you have been thinking about hobbies throughout the pandemic, then this may be the time to explore that. Too many of us resort to the easy hobbies that we do on repeat for endless nights, like watching Netflix or reading a good book. To help with your mental health and to have a highlight of your week, pick one new hobby to try once a week and stick to it. Some examples can involve knitting, coloring, a 30-minute exercise of yoga or meditation, learning how to play card games like crib or solitaire, and the list continues. These activities do not only give you something different and spontaneous to do, but they can challenge your mind and physical body.

How about we focus on the remainder of the week? What is something we all need daily, but some of us hate (or love) doing? Cooking! A good way to boost both your mental and physical health is by creating good meals to refuel your body. You have a night off, and you are at home and do not know what do. Why not grab that cookbook at the back of your cupboard and try a new recipe to make lunch for the rest of the week, or a snack to enjoy later? Don’t have a cookbook? Grab your phone and look on TikTok; I am sure you can find someone to inspire you.

Our mental health has a boost now, what about physical health? Don’t worry, the Carillon has not forgotten about that.

What is a show that has been going on for many years and just got renewed for another season? I’ll give you a hint…it is longer than 15 seasons. That is right, the show is Greys Anatomy! A main thing that happens in this show is they have a little dance party to brighten the mood – why not get into that action? It will only take about eight songs to do a full 30-minute workout, so get that beat up on the stereo and in your chest!

If dancing to fast music is a little too upbeat but you still want to get moving, an activity that you can do in the comfort of your own home to get yourself comfortable and ready for bed is yoga. If you have tried yoga before and that does not sound that appealing, look at your friend YouTube; they have yoga moves and workouts that go from just stretching to beginner and advanced. Not motivated yet? Did you know that yoga is good to increase flexibility, strengthen your core, legs, and arms (basically a full body workout), and is a great protection from injury? Well, now you do! Go give it a shot.

Whether you learn a new a hobby, create a delicious snack to enjoy after your dance party, or do yoga, these are a great way to boost your mental and physical health. Partake in these activities alone or with friends to thrive. Try focusing on your mental and physical health to get through this winter. You are almost there, slowly but surely!


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