Megan Nash the newest local star


author: ethan butterfielda&c writer

Nash’s soulful album is a must-listen in local music. | Natalie Struck Photo

Nash discusses about her rural roots and bright future.

Recently, folk singer Megan Nash came out to Stone’s Throw Café near the University of Regina and put on a show that I unfortunately didn’t have the chance to attend. From what I’ve heard, though, it was definitely something to see. What was fortunate for me, however, was I managed to have a quick Q&A with Megan, asking her a few questions about her career and what it was like to perform at Stone’s Throw.

“Stone’s Throw is a cool coffee shop,” says Nash. “I was blown away by how well they promoted the event. I’m embarrassed to admit that it was my first time there. I never studied in Regina and I’m not from Regina. However, I went back within a few days of the show…It is a nice venue that I would like to perform at again.”

You may have noticed Ms. Nash said she was not from Regina, but instead is based out of rural Southern Saskatchewan. When I asked her about what advice she could offer to other rural artists trying to make their way into music, she said, “Try your best to live simply so you can focus on your creative career. Don’t get a car payment when you’re 20 – drive an old beater and make records ‘cuz who cares.”

For those who haven’t heard of Megan Nash, she has been gaining significant popularity for her album Song Harvest, Volume One. A particular song that I enjoyed enjoyed off the album was titled “Deer Head.” During the Q&A, I mentioned that I enjoyed the single and wondered what it was like to write it. She’d went on to say that “I wrote ‘Deer Head’ during an emotional day. I thought that someone very dear to me was going to move away. I didn’t want to feel as much as I was feeling. Feeling things is hard. I wrote Deer Head in an evening, over the course of a few hours. I looped the riff with Ditto pedal – really drove it into my brain while I wrote out ideas for lyrics.”

Near the end of our discussion, I asked what the future held for Megan and her career.

“I’m working on a new record with my back up band Bears in Hazenmore,” she says.

Nash and Hazenmore just got off of a packed-house Christmas show at the Artful Dodger in December.

“Those guys are like family and I’m so excited for what we are creating together. I’m releasing new material, both solo and full band in the next year. I’ll be playing my first show in the States in April. I’m always touring and playing shows. I’ve got lots of things going on and it’s great…I don’t take a single gig for granted.”

Now that’s a trait one really has to envy. The ability to go from one gig to the next as well as enjoy all the music that comes along in your life shows that Megan Nash has the heart and soul of a great musician. That alongside the fact that seeing talent like this continue to grow in Saskatchewan is something that will always amaze me. Music is beautiful, and music that comes from the heart is even more beautiful, so don’t be afraid to pour your heart out into what you enjoy. The results may just surprise you.

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