Marissa Burwell rises in Regina’s music scene


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Regina musician Marissa Burwell seems to be popping up everywhere in Regina’s music scene with the release of her new EP, aptly self-titled with her name. The first song, Missing Numbers, brings out the loss and sweetness and irresponsibility accompanying young love and heartbreak. Among the newest editions to the Grind Central crew, Marissa brings an upbeat sound to the same subject matter in her next song in the EP with the song titled GoneAlternating between slow and sombre and upbeat and happy sounding, Connemara features Mar’s powerful voice accompanied closely by the strum of her acoustic guitar in the slowest song of her EP. Keeping to the same vein, mirroring the same sorts of sounds from Missing Numbers, Marissa’s Catch Me echoes the feelings of love lost with the echoed effect produced in the very basement of Grind Central’s studio. The last song, Shady Grove,” begins with low piano notes joined soon by Marissa’s airy vocals moments later, finishing the EP with a song so sweetly sad that it leaves you wanting to play all five songs over again.  

And she’s making herself seen in Regina’s music scene, just playing her last show at O’hanlons Irish Pub back in early January. It was a full room as her singing drew the eyes and ears of everyone in the bar. Enlisting some of the regulars from Regina’s music scene, a bangin’ line-up backed her up with Chris Dimas on Drums, Nolan Grad standing on stage with an additional guitar, and Madison Nicol on the bass.  

Connecting with Marissa Burwell I was able to ask a few questions to Regina’s new and rising artist, like what inspired her to finally break into Regina’s music scene.
Like many people, I have always used my music as my way of coping with different situations and feelings. It started as something I would do when I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone and just ended up being my main coping mechanism. So I’ve been writing privately in my bedroom for years, but once I started going to more local shows, I saw people sharing what they’ve created and felt a deep desire to do the same. There is also something therapeutic about sharing your feelings with someone other than yourself.
Burwell had a tough time picking the song that was closes to her on the EP.
That is so hard to say, because they have all meant the “most” to me at one point or another. Some of these songs date back two plus years ago while the most recent one was written this past July/August. I think that I would say Shady Grove, because it was the most recent song written and so I still have a lot of emotions invested into it, and I find that when I am playing it or reading the lyrics, I can feel the same emotions I felt when I was writing it the day I came home from Winnipeg Folk Fest. 

The singer also revealed the significance of six water cups in her music video.  

The six cups started just as props, but I had the idea to change the volume of water in the cups as the mood in the video/song changes. So, the cup is full when I am first feeling in love, then it goes half because the mood is sad and then the cup is full again because I’m like, Hey I don’t need you, life is good!‘” 

When asked, Burwell brought forward her inspirations, found in collaboration, as well as her booking of shows in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan.  
 The VHSstyle video was all Andy Perry of Munz Media’s idea, he’s a creative genius!
Calgary and Banff are awesome. But on a music side, I just want to try and expand my audience and get my music out farther than the city limits of Regina! 

Marissa’s next show brings her to the Artesian on Mar. 15 in Regina, SK for her EP release show. Also slated in the lineup are Grind Central’s Beach Body and also Drake Mark. The show is followed by another in Calgary on Mar. 21 at the venue, Broken City, and yet another one on Mar. 22 at HyFive in Canmore, AB. 


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