Malty National launches internship program

Serving pints and sweet cash/ Courtesy of Malty National

Heritage brewery gives back to community

Malty National, a local brewery in Regina’s Heritage neighbourhood recently announced internship and community grant programs. Brewer and co-founder Kelsey Beach says that the program has been in the works for a number of years, but that the holdup was because they were looking for grant funding.

“We’ve been talking about the internship for a while actually, for the first few years. This is the first we’ve finally gotten around to it . . . We would apply because we’re a for-profit corporation, obviously our odds of getting something like that were slim, and then things start to get busy in spring and then we’d forgotten about it. So, this year we decided to get on it.”

Beach said the goal of the internship is to give somebody in the community a new opportunity.

“We’re hoping to get a unique skillset new brought in, temporarily. I mean as exemplified by the list of skills we’ve listed. I believe pretty much any skill can be applied to a brewery in some way or another. Especially if you think creatively and outside of the box so there’d be that. The second one would be development. We don’t know exactly who we’re getting yet, but for someone’s who younger it would be resume development, to get something on your resume in your discipline. It could open a door for someone.”

The internships involves one shift at the brewery a week, with a total of fifteen hours of work a week expected from the successful application. The pay is $1000 and the time for employment is May 1 to Aug. 31. Malty is also holding a community grant program, directed towards new one-off projects, with a budget provided of $500. Both applications are due to Malty by March 31 to, along with a 300 word description of why you or your project should be chosen.

Heritage Community Association executive director Shayna Stock said that the initiative is a great addition to the area and that it is a good example for other businesses to follow.

“I think the Heritage neighbourhood is really lucky to have businesses like Malty National that are so community-minded and that work hard to give back to the community in ways like this community grant program and the internship.”

“Malty is a business that exists very intentionally within a neighbourhood that’s very diverse and includes people of many different backgrounds and income levels, and they seem to be really aware of their place in the neighbourhood and of their responsibility to be a good neighbour and to give back to the community in the ways that they can. It’s great that they’re doing that and if other businesses were to feel inspired to do something similar that would be amazing.”

Beach said any benefits community members feel will be shared by the company.

“I mean, we’re members of the community, so we’ll gain what the community gains. Pretty much all of the owners and employees live in the neighbourhood here. The business is rooted here in the community. We’ll reap the benefits of whatever the project is.”

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