Maclean’s University rankings are out!


We suck a bit less

Hah! Take that York! / Haley Klassen

Hah! Take that York! / Haley Klassen

Maclean’s annual University Rankings came out Oct 31, 2013. New and old students are sure to check where their universities place.

New and existing students attending the University of Regina will be glad to know that the U of R has moved up a spot in the comprehensive university category. In Maclean’s university rankings we are now ranked 8 out of 15.

Maclean’s University Rankings takes into consideration reputation surveys, research funding, student support and much more. Maclean’s has three categories that it places universities in. They are Medical Doctoral, Comprehensive, and Primarily Undergraduate.   It “recognize[s] differences in types of institutions, levels of research funding, diversity of offerings, and breadth and depth of graduate and professional programs” states the Maclean’s website.

As outlined by the magazine, universities in the Comprehensive category have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees.

“The University of Regina has traditionally had a low student/faculty ratio, which is beneficial to our students and has helped the University maintain its position in the Maclean’s rankings,” said President Vianne Timmons on the U of R’s website.  “In recent years, we have increased the amount of scholarship, bursary and other support for our students, and our students and faculty members have been recognized with a number of significant national awards.  These factors contribute to and reflect the quality of education we provide, and I am pleased that they have helped us move up in the rankings this year.   At the same time, however, we always have areas where we can improve, and the Maclean’s guide is one way of helping to identify them as we set our priorities in the context of our strategic plan”.

University of Regina has seen improvement on “student/faculty ratio, student support, scholarships and bursaries to students, and social sciences and humanities grants,” states the University of Regina website. The Maclean’s survey, as submitted by the 2012 Canadian University Survey Consortium, states that 9 of 10 students in University of Regina are content with the post-secondary institution that they are attending. They are also happy with the general quality of their education here in U of R.

In world rankings, the University of Regina makes it to 827 out of the 1,000 with Harvard, Stanford University, and MIT taking the top three.

With the new school year, the U of R is certainly motivated to keep on improving and to keep moving up the scale in Maclean’s Comprehensive University category.

At the end of the day, this is still simply a magazine’s poll of our university’s performance. It’ll be interesting to see where the U of R ranks in the next poll.

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