Letter to the editor – Nov. 17, 2011


To all NDP supporters: you can blame the unions for the loss. The people in this province woke up. We got damn tired of seeing union ads every time the TV was turned on. I was not surprised to learn that these fear-mongering ads were funded by union member fees. I am going to be a member of one of these unions in a little over a year, and I do not want to see my fees going to fund crap I don’t even support.

Unions have a role and a place in this province. They have far exceeded that. Therefore, I was glad to hear that the “demonic dictator” Brad Wall, in representing his “fascist” party, say that members should have a voice in how their fees are spent, or at the processes by which the money is allocated be more transparent.

If the NDP, the unions, and their supporters remove the rocks from their heads, they might be worth supporting in the future. This landslide loss is just what they need to start introducing new minds and ideas in order to start rebuilding. The classless remarks by Judy Junor after the election are a perfect example of one who has had her gnarled roots in this province for far too long.

The NDP and its dedicated followers need to use the next four years wisely: stop saying, “Oh no, the world is going to end because we have to put up with Brad Wall for another four years,” and begin rebuilding the party. If this major task is taken seriously, and done competently, the NDP might be worth considering in four years. If not, I will continue to throw my support behind the Saskatchewan Party, the only party that has proven it is competent enough to move this province forward.

Amanda Hagel

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