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author: kristian ferguson | news editor

Still leakin‘ / john loeppky

From shame comes change

Leak of the week is a semi-regular section in which we highlight leaks around the university. Former news editor, Taylor MacPherson (now of the Gormley show), started this series in 2015. This week, we have a special double feature. 


Location:  Outside of the ‘Engineers Without Borders’ office 

Leaking: Affirmative. 

Nickname(s): The Unfixable Drip, The Border 

Apparatus: A University of Regina classic, this leak uses rubber hosing to direct the water into a paint bucket. To keep us on our toes, however, two rubber hoses are coming from the ceiling. 

Capacity: One living room. Two coats. 

Number of people working on it: None within sight 

Mold/Mildew: Most likely. 

Age: Sources confirm that this leak is relatively new. So new, it hasn’t even been froshed by the other engineers yet. 

Has it been fixed yet: Negative. 

Impact on students: A constant, burning reminder that sometimes STEM students have to take an arts class. A vicious monument to the university’s cruelty. 


Student/Staff comment(s) 

“I’m so glad I can go to a university that can afford two separate rubber tubes to help support us when the ceiling caves in.” 


The dripping sound is really aggravating my hangover.” 


“I’m taking bets to see how long it will take an engineer to actually fix it or if they are just going to defer it to someone who is paid less.” 


LocationClassroom 417. 


Nickname(s)Survey 400: Plumbing Literature with lab option 

ApparatusA ritual circle of rolling chairs surrounding a garbage can. Descending from the drop ceiling, an opaque tube. 

CapacityAn English Degree (as a BA English grad, I get to make this joke, okay?) 

Number of people working on itThe same amount of people who loved English 100 

Mold/Mildewon top of the discarded manuscripts, yes. 

AgeOlder than time immemorial 

Has it been fixed yet: Come on, you all know the drill. Of course it isn’t. 

Impact on studentsProvides a technology free thing to space out on during whatever survey class you wish you didn’t go to 


Student/Staff comment(s) 

“The interactive portion of our lecture on “The Telltale Heart” was super engaging and paranoia inducing.” 


“Even Oedipus didn’t have as leaky a relationship.” 


I thought it was strange that the university was starting this watering trough initiative in the middle of a classroom but as a broke student, who am I to say no to free stuff?” 

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