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Theatre competition on the rise

Variety is the spice of life, and Landmark cinema has done a beautiful job of adding a little spark to our city. While they show standard box office releases, you can also enjoy a special selection of Canadian films with their Canadian Film Spotlight series. A second series, In The Gallery, gives viewers the chance to experience a “unique and fascinating view of some of the world’s greatest art exhibits,” according to their website. They also offer viewings of Metropolitan Opera performances, as well as this year’s tenth anniversary series of the Bolshoi Ballet in cinemas.

Their promotions give other theatres a run for their money. Up to a 40 per cent discount on morning movies, senior’s save 20 per cent on Senior’s Day, and Reel Deal Tuesday where you can save up to 40 per cent off admission as well. Come Wednesdays they have a Movie Twosome discount for your next date night (romantic or platonic), and a Movie 10-Pack loyalty program that gets you discounted admission and concession.

The Regina location is quite new, but it’s already made an impact on locals. “Cineplex got me accustomed to the idea that movie theatres have to be dark and space-themed,” Jackson Brezinki joked when reviewing his experience. “It was nice going to a theatre that was bright and open.” They have reclining seats for your comfort, and a premiere seat section where you and another viewer can raise the arm rests to snuggle during a rom com or cover each other’s eyes during a thriller.

Accommodation in theatres can be a problem, but Landmark is doing what they can to meet needs. They have Descriptive Video Services for standard showings, and Fidelio devices that can be used as narration systems during viewings. Headphones are available for the hard of hearing, or for those who want to block out the sound of others snacking and chatting during the film. Once a month they offer a sensory friendly atmosphere, and they have CaptiView systems available, which fit comfortably in cup holders and show subtitles for standard showings.

Cole Manz attended a showing on opening night, and had the following to say about his experience:

“Given that it was the first night open to the public, everything felt superbly polished. Every single till they had running was running efficiently, and each one had what looked like a student working it, so props for giving the youngers some early work experience. The whole place looked super fantastic, very clean and open. The theatre itself was enormous and the seats were excellent. Staff was very friendly; the overall experience was really, really good.”

The new location is at 2064 Aurora Boulevard, in Regina’s east end.

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