Ladies, clean up after yourselves

This is how a crapper should look by Hannah Grover

This is how a crapper should look
by Hannah Grover

Poop everywhere

What’s worse than eating crappy food in the Riddell Centre?

Pooping in the women’s bathrooms at the University of Regina. Disgusting. A few weeks ago, my comrade and fellow staff member, John Kapp, wrote y’all a lovely article calling for the male students to clean up after themselves in the bathroom. This week, I am calling all female students at the U of R to do the same thing: stop being gross, and, for goodness’ sake clean up your trash after you use the pooper.

Almost every woman’s bathroom on campus is revolting. Apparently, ladies enjoy peeing on toilet seats and leaving their little drips for the next person in line. I can guarantee you that no one who goes to use that toilet after you will appreciate your little urine droplet gift. Some people even enjoy splish-splashing water from the sinks all over the counter. Great. ‘Cause I really want to risk touching the water you just used to wash the excrement and urine off your hands. Not!

Also, let’s not forget to talk about the bits and pieces of toilet paper that litter the bathroom floors. Is this really necessary? No it is not. Like, where has that toilet paper even been? It has probably touched your body in places that spread bacteria to those who come into contact with it. For goodness sake, if you drop a piece of toilet paper on the floor, pick it up, put it in the toilet, flush it, and go wash your hands. It’s not that hard! And while you’re at it, please, I beg you, flush your bloody tampons. No one. I repeat. No one needs to see that. It takes two seconds to use the flush handle. If it doesn’t go down the first time, take another two seconds out of your life and flush it ‘til it goes down!

Let me continue. Sometimes I even see Tim Horton’s or Starbuck’s cups sitting on the floor beside a toilet. I don’t even want to know what’s actually in those cups. Perhaps people are far too disgusted with the state of the toilets that they resort to peeing in cups of their choice. Yes, I will admit this is quite resourceful, but it is disturbing. Deeply disturbing.

Oh, and guess what? Today when I went pee in the first-floor RIC bathrooms (which, in my opinion, are the cleanest women’s bathrooms on campus), I witnessed a lovely young lady walking out of a stall and leave the premises without washing her hands. Ew. I almost puked.

Seriously, have people not seen the signs all around campus about the gastrointestinal illness that’s breaking out across campus? They’re everywhere. The contagion is everywhere. When you, yes, you (you know who you are) perform terrible, disgusting, revolting, gross bathroom etiquette and spread your grimy little germs everywhere, you spread the sickness. Stop spreading the sickness! For starters, wash your gosh darn hands, and if you’ve legitimately been bitten by the GI, stay home for at least 48 hours. No one wants your disease.


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