Keep it up or Chuck it out

“Hurray. Pro-Bowl MVP. Just what I’ve always wanted.”/Ytoyoda

“Hurray. Pro-Bowl MVP. Just what I’ve always wanted.”/Ytoyoda

Brady goes off on what pisses him off in the sports world

As I am sitting here, looking at the blank screen of my future article thinking about what I should write this week, I realized I really don’t have any consistency in my column.

Well, for “longtime” readers of my column, the View from the Cheap Seats, I’ve decided to at least give a shot at come consistency in here. Monthly, I will be running a piece called Keep it up or Chuck it out.

So here it goes ladies and gents, Keep it up or Chuck it out.

Keep it up: NHL’s All-Star Game

So, holy shit, an All-Star game was actually entertaining? That’s a first. It wasn’t the lowly Pro-Bowl or the boring MLB All-Star game, even the players seemed to be having fun. They seemed to have a few pops before the All-Star draft on Friday – which pissed the Twittesphere off – and the guys really showed their true colours. Kessel for Seguin again? Hell yeah!

Chuck it out: NFL’s Pro-Bowl

Who watches this garbage? No one cares anymore! C’mon Goodell, get your head on straight. The NFL has screwed up on so much this year, scrap the Pro-Bowl and try something new. It has never worked, it never will work, figure your shit out NFL.

Keep it up: Riders front office

I know the Foley trade pissed a lot of fans off, but seriously, a cheaper and younger Canadian at a spot in which the Riders need quality players for an aging defensive end? That was a great trade. Brilliant moves by Taman and the front office. They’ve resigned quality players, scrapped players like Picard out, and this offseason has just begun. Keep up the great work, guys.

Chuck it out: Those deflated balls that people won’t shut up about

Seriously? Flat balls? Listen to yourselves people! Who gives a shit! The Patriots were going to rock the Colts out of the building regardless of the inflation of either team’s footballs. Everyone’s been sounding off on this topic and I, like many, are really tired of listening to this bullshit. Might as well just talk about the condition of the balls rather then the huge football game that is going on this weekend.

Keep it up: Winnipeg Jets

Who saw that coming? The Jets with 60 points at the All-Star break, just two back of the Chicago Blackhawks? Wow. I’ll give it to them, that’s amazing. I just got my tickets for a game up there in March, and if they can keep it up that is going to be one entertaining team to watch.

Everything aside, this has been a really entertaining week in sports. I can’t wait to sit down and watch the Seahawks battle it out against the Patriots this weekend. For the first time in my life, I’ll say it. Go Pats!

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