Keep it on your backs, assholes

/Brady Lang

Jersey on ice. Not acceptable people./Brady Lang

Just because your team sucks, you have to sauce the tarps?

An old trend from years past has been resurfacing this year in hockey.

Irritated fans have been saucing out their team’s jerseys on losing streaks or just due to the fact that they’re tired of seeing the team struggle. Well these assholes need to stop.

They’re obviously not real NHL fans if they’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on overpriced jerseys just to throw them on the ice because their teams struggling. Would you do this if it was an Olympic game and Canada was to lose against a team such as Switzerland or Belarus? I think you’d take a second thought and decide to keep those jerseys on.

The biggest thing that I see is that you chucking your jersey on the ice isn’t going to help the team. In fact, it’s probably just going to annoy and put more stress on a struggling team rather than improve their record. These so-called “fans” shame an entire fan base and make people stop to think, do I really want to be a part of this? It’s shameful and disrespectful to the organization that in Edmonton or Toronto’s cases, they have had a storied history with tons of ups and downs.

The only reason these asshole fans choose to do something as shameful as this is due to the fact they want some media coverage. Looks like I was sucked in, don’t you think? We, as the media, feed off of this constant bullshit of a matter of a jersey on some frozen water. It’s stupid, but it’s definitely a story.

The people behind this take the most cowardly steps to try to cause an uproar. You know what I think? If you’re tired of seeing shitty product on the ice, figure it out and just stay at home. Don’t watch the games, just give up. The ideology behind this is that the owners, management and players will all step up and realize that something needs to change within the organization.

When teams start losing significant money on anything, whether it’s merchandise, ticket sales, the whole bit, things will change. We’re seeing the effects of this in places such as Florida, which finally has a competitive group on the ice due to the fact that the organization figured out that they needed a great product on the ice to succeed in today’s market. In today’s world of professional sports, it’s all about the dollars and cents. The way these situations are handled needs to change. Places like Edmonton need to get a facelift due to the fact that they can stay unsuccessful and still put money into Daryl Katz, the owner of the Edmonton Oilers’, pocket. Because they have a strong fan base things are not going to change. It is a matter of money in many of these cases and as long as the money pours in, the idea of success can fly out the window.

It’s an interesting topic to digest, yet at some point, we need to realize as hockey fans and fans of professional sport that this isn’t going to solve jack shit in today’s industry. So, do everyone a favour, jackass fans, and keep your clothes on. It’s cold out there.

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