Kazz Clothing prepares for Sask Fashion Week


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One of Kazz’s creations/Courtesy of Kazz Clothing

Speaking with the mind behind Kazz Clothing

Alongside fall, this is always a busy time of year for those in the fashion world as they get ready to unveil their spring collections. Ashley Kasdorf of Kazz Clothing was gracious enough to take some time out of her busy schedule as she prepares for Saskatchewan Fashion Week along with her other shows to talk with me.

What sparked your interest in fashion?

For the most part it was always there, but it started when I was a child. My father studied to be an architect and was a really good artist. I fell in love with blueprints and fascinated by doors, which inspired me to do something with design. In my aesthetic of work/design, you see a lot of linear lines and inspiration from an architect’s world. To this day, doors fascinate me and I draw lots of inspiration from [them].

Do you have any style influences within your work?

Influences can come from many things. For me, it comes from my travels around Europe as well as my moods in my life in that timeframe. Feelings play a big part in what you are creating. As well as you always have to listen to your clientele and forecast what you want them to wear.

What inspired this year’s SFW designs?

I wanted to go back to my roots, and what I love. I want to provide those kind of elevated basics you didn’t know you need. This collection, I want to make it mod, but not overdone and coolly down to earth. I really wanted to bring that urban vibe. I recently went to New York, and staying in the garment district was inspiring. Its surroundings had a vibe of coolness.

Without giving too much away, what can we expect on the catwalk from you in May?

There is a little bit of tailoring, a little bit of sportswear and athleisure wear, heavy focus on outerwear and focus on the masculine and feminine elements in many of the pieces. Focusing more on textures and a simplified color palette. This collection is different from the last, in that you’ll see more softly structured silhouettes and body-slimming knits.

To look at any of her previous work, you can visit her website at kazzclothing.com. Kasdorf will be showing her collection at Saskatchewan Fashion Week on the night of Saturday, May 12.

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