Karavan: a shop of curiosities

Where it’s spooky season the whole year long. Wren Gessner

Your local shop for all things creepy and cool

Regina has plenty of hidden gems waiting to be found. From The Broom Closet to Paper Umbrella, there are a variety of unique shops selling unique product. Karavan – Curio and Collectibles has all things horror, goth, and witchy. Name your area of interest and they will likely have something there for you.

Upon stepping inside, visitors are greeted with a friendly face and walls of dark merchandise. To the right are a variety of mugs and coffee beans with fun descriptions. Some were based on cryptids, and others famous horror movie villains. Despite how these might sound, the flavours look delicious. How could anyone go wrong with a salted caramel latte?

To the left is a collection of smaller items, from enamel pins featuring mysterious quotes and famous spooks all the way to larger patches perfect for that denim jacket. There are also some fun gifts ideas, like skull lip balms and sticker packs.

As visitors venture further into the store, it is much larger than it first appears. Everything is sectioned off, with a large clothing section towards the back, a wall of horror collectible figurines, a smaller music display, vintage VHS tapes, and even a unique boardgame section. I want to highlight a few of my favourite sections, though I could spend hours in here with everything there is to offer.

As a boardgame fanatic, I was immediately drawn to the wall of unique boardgames they had in stock. Most of them I had never seen before, and yet each one I picked up looked immensely fun. It’s clear that whoever takes care of the stock carefully selects their items. There was a Godzilla game with 3D figurines, and a cryptid card game (which I couldn’t resist bringing home with me). All of the games have beautiful artwork to match what are very clear sets of rules.

The shelves of Stranger Things merchandise tempted me with more than one item. More specifically, they had a metal Hellfire lunchbox that was absolutely dreamy. There were also a variety of character figurines, and even the Hellfire t-shirts.

Stepping into the clothing section gave me a similar feeling to stepping into Hot Topic as an edgy 14-year-old, only this place is so much cooler. There were dresses with checkered patterns and leather, themed – you guessed it – black and white. There were also a variety of classic tees with a good range of sizes. They had classic horror film prints, as well as vibrant graphic tees. Anyone with a dark sense of humour would find something to love here.

While out of my range of typical interests, the figurine wall deserves an honourable mention. There were more collectible characters than I could name, and each of them were uniquely created. The packaging was all in mint condition, and the organization was commendable. For anyone looking for a special figurine, particularly in the horror genre, this place is worth checking out.

Whether you’re someone invested in collecting merchandise for all things horror, or someone who is just looking for an interesting outing, Karavan is sure to impress. This place is fun to visit alone or with friends, and employees are always willing to lend a helping hand. This is hands down one of the best places to grab a fun and unique gift for someone, whether for a holiday or a little pick-me-up. Happy ghost hunting!


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