Judge not


Before you pass judgment, consider your own shortfalls

Humans are curious by nature.

Who hasn’t asked 15 times why something works the way it does, only to still be displeased with the answer they were given? This is often something kids can get away with day in and day out. However, as young adults, we are expected to think before asking those questions. That being said, how many of us think before we judge someone by his or her clothing or because of his or her attitude? This double standard is present in every aspect of our world.

When, at age 19, I ask my parents why the sky is black and night, but not white during the day, they quickly become annoyed and ask me to find out on my own. However, when I ask why that man on the bench isn’t working like the rest of us, they are more likely to have an answer. Now, we might say that everyone has a story, but we know that isn’t the case.

The issue with our world is we are quick to judge and slow to think. As questions are thrown our way, we make snap decisions as to their importance to us. The colour of the sky does not affect my day nearly as much as how much I care to place judgment on that homeless, or what I perceive as homeless, man. This senseless thought process is something humanity needs to battle.

I would like to place a challenge in front of you. Next time you are in a position to judge someone on his or her looks, status, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else, think of how many negative judgments you can place on yourself. I would wager that you will be able to place more negative judgment on yourself than you could have on the other person. Once that is done, do the reverse; see how many positive comments you can make about yourself. Guaranteed you are proud of your academic standing, your extracurricular success, the strong relationship with your parents or friends, or of your character and morals. Look down, now back up; do you know anything about the person you are about to judge? Doubtful. Maybe the Old Spice man actually was right about something and not just which body wash to give your man.

The first step in making the right decision, Old Spice or not Old Spice, is looking down at yourself, then back up to the world. Please, next time you decide it is all right to pass your judgment on someone else, accept my challenge and make this world a better place.

Todd Blyth

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