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An overview of what’s been going on between Jacksfilms and SSSniperwolf

Alia Shelesh, who goes by the name SSSniperwolf online, is a YouTuber with over 30 million subscribers and 24 billion views across nearly 3,500 videos. From 2013 to 2017, her uploads were mainly gameplay of various video games and several Q&A videos. After that, her videos shifted toward reaction content. 

Jack Douglass, who goes by the name jacksfilms online, has been creating content on YouTube since 2006. His early videos were parodies of popular products. He rose to YouTube fame with his series “Your Grammar Sucks” where he read off internet comments with poor grammar. 

Douglass first began making commentary against poor reaction channels all the way back in late 2015 with a video called Reacting to an awful react channel, in which he watched a reaction channel view Your Grammar Sucks #99. The reactor spent nearly six minutes not saying a word, just watching Douglass’s video until it ended.  

His first commentary on Shelesh’s channel was in October of 2022, in a video simply called SSSniperwolf where Douglass said seeing an article about Shelesh’s multi-million dollar home inspired him to make his own channel “JJJacksfilms” which would become home to satire content based on Shelesh’s content. 

In June of 2023, YoutubeCreators on Twitter uploaded a tweet stating, “where does @sssniperwolf get video ideas? from fans!! here’s what she had to say at the #VidConAN23 YouTube Keynote: ‘it’s really important for me to engage with my audience. i get a lot of content ideas from them in the comments. it’s important to grow and adapt as a creator!’” 

Douglass then uploaded to his own Twitter a screenshot of YoutubeCreators’ tweet and Shelesh’s recent uploads with a guy wearing shades emoji, thumbs up emoji, and a heart emoji. Shelesh quote tweeted, stating, “I’m going to have to start charging u 20 [per cent] since you get your ideas from me [face with hand over mouth emoji].” 

Shelesh spent the night of June 28, 2023 posting several now-deleted tweets about Douglass, making fun of him. She stated, “the only thing that is funny about u [sic] is your hairline,” “bro is stuck in 2013 and wonders why people don’t think he’s funny anymore,” and “his thumbnails bad tho. [sic] there isn’t a single video i would want to click on.” 

Douglass uploaded a video that night called Sssniperwolf but every 10 seconds I read a tweet she sent me tonight where he watches one of Shelesh’s videos, but pauses to read her tweets. 

Almost a month later, on July 26, 2023, Douglass uploaded a video to the JJJacksfilms channel called Grading an awful ‘reactor’ where he watched one of Shelesh’s videos Cool Things You’ve Probably Never Seen Before and graded each of her reactions. 

The next day he uploaded the video Let’s tttalk about Sssniperwolf to his main channel. He discussed that Shelesh never asked permission to use anyone’s content in her videos, having reached out to the creators, and how her use of their content brought them no additional views or money. Douglass stated that Shelesh’s content wasn’t fair use because of her lackluster commentary. 

On July 27, Twitter user Pieosaurus3 tweeted to Douglass with an image of a Bingo card he made out of Shelesh’s videos. Douglass’s content on JJJacksfilms would shift into clips from his SSSniperwolf Bingo Streams where he played bingo with SSSniperwolf’s videos. 

While at the time Shelesh made no official statement, she did make references to Douglass in her videos making statements about how he was stealing her content.  

Douglass made an official update about Shelesh on his main channel on August 16, 2023 called Sssniperwolf is getting worse. Here’s proof. In this video, Douglass shows Shelesh repeating reactions, cutting out jokes from TikToks that she uses herself, cropping out usernames of creators, reacting to the same content in multiple videos, being silent for up to 40 seconds, and just not being in sections of videos. 

The situation went from satire to serious on October 13, 2023 when Shelesh uploaded a poll to her Instagram story stating, “Should I go visit @jacksfilms? He lives 5 minutes away from my shoot” prompting her 6 million Instagram followers to vote yes or no.  

In another story, she posted a video of Douglass’ home with the caption, “Let’s talk like adults.” She claimed in another story that Douglass was harassing her. On Twitter, Shelesh’s sister stated, “damn does he not know how to fight or something??” in a quote retweet of Douglass stating Shelesh doxxed him.   

YouTube made no comment about Shelesh’s actions, despite Douglass asking YouTube to, and neither did they comment on her doxxing Douglass, as it is against their terms of service, for an entire week.  

TeamYouTube stated that Shelesh would be temporarily suspended from having her video monetized, though the Twitter Community Note will tell you that only the most recent video at the time of that tweet was demonetized. Shortly after, Shelesh apologized on Twitter, but incorrectly referred to Douglass as ‘jacksfilm.’ 

The backlash against her actions towards Douglass brought up older controversies and questionable behavior from Shelesh in older videos. 

In a video from 2019 called Asking People PEWDIEPIE vs T SERIES on OMEGLE she encourages a young girl, who looks underage, to touch herself in a sexual manner. In another video called Mom Caught Kids Twerking! (Funny Omegle Moments), which has now been deleted, she asks two underage boys to twerk for her in exchange for visuals of her breasts. There are many other Omegle videos that Shelesh has deleted of her making sexual remarks to minors and flirting with minors. 

Shelesh’s former partner Evan Young is currently suing Shelesh for Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Tortious Interference With Contractual Relations and Business Expectancy, Conversion, Accounting and Appointment of Receiver, Breach of the Implied Covenant of Good Faith Fair Dealing, and Breach of Contract. Young states that Shelesh’s videos were scripted and that her original gameplay videos were actually Young’s gameplay.  

On November 10, 2023, fellow YouTuber Azzyland accused Shelesh of stealing her content. Shelesh tweeted out “I have backup of videos and screenshots before she changed the thumbnails to look like I copied her. […] The way you’re trying to manipulate this is fraud.” Azzyland responded to a tweet by Dexerto stating, “This is not about who copied who. […] It’s about exploiting your position of power and weaponizing your fanbase, (JacksFilms knows ab [sic] this).” 

Recently, Douglass has stated that after the doxxing, he will return on JJJacksfilms to react to content, sent to him with permission, and play a more positive spin on the creator bingo while giving critiques.  

Douglass and his wife have stated that they are scared to leave their home and are considering moving. 


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