It’s freezing out here!

A bipedal white dog, reminiscent of Peanuts Snoopy, wearing a large red coat and a green toque while it snows.
I think I need a bigger jacket… lee lim

Hold onto your mitts, winter isn’t over yet

Regina is one of those places known for its rough, freezing winters. 2023 ended with the temperature just barely dipping into the negatives, and the new year saw temperatures drop as low as –35 degrees Celsius in the first few weeks. Knowing this, one can figure out that there is a commitment to safety required to maintain an active lifestyle during the winter. 

It is impossible to survive while wearing regular clothes outside on a day that can feel like -50 degrees Celsius. People need to dress for the weather and layer up well. Layering up starts with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from the skin and, at the same time, add an insulating layer for warmth. Common choices for this include merino wool, fleece, and synthetic materials like polyester that retain warmth. On top of this base layer goes your regular clothing, with a winter-rated jacket as a top layer.  

Winter clothing can be found in many Regina stores, such as Prairie Summit Shop and Sunshine and Ski, as well as chain clothing stores, department stores, and thrift shops. 

Additionally, shopping online offers a wider variety of clothing outlets, but it takes longer to receive since it requires shipping so plan accordingly. Popular online winter clothing companies include Mountain Warehouse, Columbia, Decathlon, and North Face, which ship across Canada and offer similar insulating fabric options in their products. Investing in good quality thermal gloves, a beanie or toque, and moisture-wicking socks is crucial to protect your hands, feet and head. Top quality winter gear is expensive, but well worth the investment to stay safe, healthy, and, most importantly, warm. 

A layered outfit can help one stay safe and enjoy activities outdoors. People may wish to continue their outdoor life in winter as if it were summer instead, but it is not possible or safe if you aren’t prepared. To keep doing your favorite activities in the cold, you will need to layer up well, choose the right time to exercise, let someone close know about your whereabouts, or buddy up and have another person join your routine. 

 In Regina, sunny mornings could be the best time to go for a short quick run or walk. With the sun’s rays falling on the white layer of snow on the ground and a warm outfit, it is a great time to admire Regina’s natural spaces and embrace the cold without becoming part of the cold. 

Since Saskatchewan is not known for its stable seasons, with extreme temperatures appearing and disappearing at a snap, preparing for unexpectedly cold days is important. Keep essentials like an emergency kit in the car, including a spare blanket or emergency foil blanket, first aid kit, and non-perishable snacks, in case of an emergency. In drastic temperatures, exposed skin can become dry and prone to cracking. “Skinvesting” is another kind of investment where individuals purchase valuable products for their skin’s health. 

Exercising outdoors and enjoying life like usual requires one to take care of everything before you can brave the cold and go with the flow. It is understandable that going on with usual life in the cold can be difficult. Other alternatives during this season are exploring indoor workouts.  

Regina has a lot of outlets that offer those services like Session Studio YQR, Local Barre Fitness, and Wheelhouse Cycle Club. These places have indoor activities like yoga, spin classes, barre classes, cycling classes, and other fitness programs that you can enroll in on those harsh days when it is unbearable to go outside. This mix in one’s fitness routine helps one stay active and happy.  

Maintaining a monotonous and disciplined routine is helpful and builds a sustainable habit, but it doesn’t ensure the spice one needs to keep life fun. This flexibility also allows one to adapt to different weather conditions, enabling the body to prepare for any kind of adversity and blend in with what comes its way.  

Finding joy in harsh times can be tough, but one can only imagine what life brings forth if you can keep an eye out for it. Regina has much more than its cold weather, so get prepared and enjoy the winter! 


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