It’s hunting season


The ins and outs of getting game

Raenna Gohm

Literally, it’s hunting season.

This is not about the University of Regina Cougars, this is about picking up a gun and getting a deer. Or maybe a moose, elk, coyote or what every else you can legally shoot at.

To begin with, if hunting was easy, it would just be called killing.

This is speaking from experience. You can spend all day out with a gun, tracking deer, but it does not mean you will shoot one.

To hunt, you have to have legal tags for a deer, you have to wear safe colors and you need to understand guns and how to use a gun properly.

The deer population only grows so much until hunting season begins. This year, hunting season for rifles began on Nov. 1 in most zones and Nov. 15th in others.

To understand these dates and zones just go to Wholesale Sports Regina or any hunting outfitter and they can provide a map and list of dates, and tell you what weapon you can use where.

After you know where you can hunt and when, you need to do it legally.

If anyone could shoot any deer they saw, there would not be many deer around. To protect the population, the government issues tags out so that people can still enjoy hunting, but it is controlled.

This control stops the populations from dropping too low or jumping too high. Tags are relatively easy to get, they can be purchased at gas stations, and many stores; just go to the customer service and ask. 

So, after you know where to hunt and when, you bought your tags so you can legally shoot the deer, now what? Just walk out with a gun, point and shoot, right? Nope.

If you went out with a gun to shoot a deer in just regular clothes that kind of blend with your environment, you run the risk of another hunter mistaking you for wildlife and you just might get shot.

Getting shot ruins the fun of hunting for everyone, so avoid it by wearing bright red, yellow, or orange.

These colors easily stick out and cannot be mistaken because of how bright they are. It is mandatory to have a red, yellow, or orange hat on your head. You must also wear a jacket of the same colors. This makes the two most important areas of your body most visible and less likely to end up in someone’s scope.

Now that you are geared up and ready to go, you have to pick up your gun. Gun safety is best taught by a professional, but some basics include: Do not have a loaded gun inside of a vehicle, do not shoot out of a vehicle, do not ever point the barrel at someone, and do not have your finger on the trigger unless your target is in your scope.    

With these few tips, good luck, and happy hunting.

Photo courtesy Raenna Gohm

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