It’s date night, time for some chell


Who wants to go to a movie when you could play hockey?

What the Puck?
Autumn McDowell

Sports Editor

Why bear the cold Regina wind and terrible parking, only to sit in a freezing cold arena to watch your team lose 3-0, when you could be in control of your favourite team’s destiny from the comfort of your own cozy bedroom?

Since the release of EA Sports NHL Hockey for Sega Genesis back in 1991, hockey fans and gaming nerds have been united for 22 strong years. Fans could now live out moments that they have always dreamed about but had never imagined coming true.

They could now punch Chris Pronger in the face as many times as they wanted, undress Drew Doughty or snipe one top shelf against Roberto Luongo, and if they are really ambitious, make the Toronto Maple Leafs actually win the Cup – that’s how you know it’s not real life.

Did I mention that you could do all this without having to endure the overwhelming stench of hockey gear and not have to listen to Pierre McGuire’s idiotic commentary? This must be what heaven is like.

From the former hockey player that never went anywhere to the closet nerd who has decided to take their hockey card collection to the next level, everyone can get the chance to play in an NHL arena.

The game has improved quite drastically since 1991 – shocking, I know. Players now have the option to play as every team in the National Hockey League, American Hockey league and Canadian Hockey League, as well as other pointless leagues that no one has ever heard of including Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

Add to that the “Be A Pro” mode, which allows you to play as former greats, reliving their glory days and you are ready to get your massive hockey butt off of the pine and onto the ice.
But seriously, does anyone ever actually play as a WHL team in the game unless they’re actually on that team in real life and they want to play with themselves – that’s awkward. If anyone tells me they play as the Prince George Cougars on a daily basis, I will call their bluff right now.

Have I mentioned that NHL 13, or “chell” as us hardcore people like to call it, makes for a great date night and a good indicator of how long your relationship will last?     Really, though, battling the person you are in a domestic partnership with in a rousing game of old time hockey is healthy, especially if the two of you are relatively evenly matched.

However, if one person is consistently beating the other in devastating fashion – like Winnipeg’s embarrassing 8-3 loss to Tampa Bay this season – you might as well call it quits right now.

But, if you can have a long relationship series, as long as neither of you end up in the penalty box after the game, everyone is happy, because the couple that dangles together, stays together.

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