Interview with Rams’ Ethan Marshall

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Get a first year’s take on making goals, seeing things through, and staying as consistent as possible

The Carillon took you along to get to know one Rams player, so why not take you along to get to know another? The Rams football season has just begun, and they recently had their home opener on October 2 – the first home game for some players on the team. The Carillon did an interview with first-year player Ethan Marshall, who is currently studying Business Administration at the university and used to play for the Leboldus Suns. Here is what you need to know about Marshall, the keys to keep in mind in order to really bring your best in this game, and the upcoming team goals for the Rams:

What is a cool fact about playing football that you think the readers should know?

“Football is a team game. As individuals you do not win the games on your own, but you help contribute to your team’s success.” said Marshall, emphasizing the collaboration needed to excel in this game. “Winning only occurs when all twelve players on the field do their jobs well and efficiently.”

What strengths do you have that you think make you personally a great athlete?

Two core strengths – consistency and hard work. “These two are the main factors that are leading me to be a great athlete.”

How have you seen yourself grow mentally and physically over your years of playing?

For the short amount of time Marshall has been with the Rams, he feels like he has already been growing mentally. “Football is more than just who is stronger and faster. It is equally just as important to who learns and studies the game more, and who is willing to put themselves in a place to succeed.”

What is your passion that drives you to play this sport?

The passion that drives Marshall is based on “building so many relationships with those on your team and doing your part to win, [which are] a huge part of why I love football. Watching all of our players, coaches, and support staff come together to work towards a common goal, that is super cool and special to me.”

Did you ever think that you would become a university student-athlete? What or who has been your biggest support to help you get this far?

This has always been a goal in Marshall’s mind. He had his family, coaches, and friends that have all played a huge part in “pushing me to the best version of myself, and helping me achieve my goals.”

What previous teams or leagues have you played or practiced with in the past?

Marshall has had experiences playing in Regina Minor Football, and he played football with the Leboldus high school team.

What are some personal goals you have for yourself and for the Rams team, both for this season and upcoming seasons that you hope to play in?

“As the years progress, I hope to continue to grow stronger, mentally and physically. In addition, I also hope to continue to be a student of the game, learning more and more each day.” said Marshall, hinting that he practices what he preaches: that both the mental and physical elements of the game must be practiced to reach that full potential.

What are some personal goals that you have had in the past that you have accomplished yourself and with your teammates?

When Marshall was playing in high school with the Leboldus team, their goal was to win the provincial championship. The team worked hard and were lucky enough to achieve that goal. “We were able to achieve this goal as a result of everyone going in and doing their job on and off the field, consistently and with excellence.”

Have you ever been a team captain before for a team and what was the experience like?

Marhsall was lucky enough to be a team captain for the Leboldus Suns. “It was a great way for me to learn about leadership,” he mentioned, going on to state the value in variety: “One of the most important things I’ve learned is leadership comes in many different forms. Some team captains lead by example and let their work speak for them. Other are more vocal and use their voice to lead. Each and every form is just as important as the others, and they all help guide the team in the right direction.”

What is your favourite part about playing football?

“My favourite part is being given the opportunity each day to work on my skills, and further my knowledge regarding football. Our support staff, coaches, and players are all dedicated to seeing the team as a whole win, which is a super fun thing to be a part of.”

How do you hope to get the rest of the university involved for the remainder of this season?

“I hope to see the rest of the university attend our home games cheer us on! It is not just an opportunity to watch the game, but also an opportunity to come together as a community and have a good time.”

So that is it and that is all, Carillon readers. You have learned the inside scoop from Ethan Marshall on what his experience has been like playing with Regina Minor Football, then the Leboldus Suns, and what his first-year experience is like so far playing with the Rams. On that team, they work towards a similar and common goal to make themselves, friends, teammates, coaches, and families proud. They want to make Carillon readers and the university student body proud. If you missed the homecoming game on October 2, they have another game coming up Saturday, October 16.


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