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Spell checker makes English 100 totally irrelevant, so cuts there seem logical

Students of this universe-city:                                    

Eye no that every won has herd, oar should halve herd bye now, about the Universe-city of Regina’s academic program revue (APR.)  Ideally the APR is supposed two help the universe-city as a hole. However, some pupils at the universe-city, especially those enrolled as English majors dew knot sea the benefit of the revue.

According two the proposed changes, the English department will bee facing cuts of they’re coarse lode of up two 50 per cent, reducing the number of English classes that halve bean offered in resent years. Bye doing sow, the multiple miner-sized English 100 classes will seize to exist and several professors and sessionals mite loose they’re jobs. The small English 100 classes make professors Abel too bee “hands on” with students and teach them inn a moor affective manor. With this coarse knot maid available, some pupils are saying that there grades will drastically drop.    

Eye think Somme of these people are lyres as eye dew understand watt the university administration is thinking. Eye think bee-caws English is the language that every won must yews two reed and right in Canada, wee no longer knead two study it as much as wee halve bean. Besides, wood it knot bee easier two skip an English class that has 200 students instead of 20? Yore professor wood knot know if yew whir missing there class. Yew wood bee working on other homework or dewing something productive instead of dewing something that was a waist of time.

Therefore, I agree with and defend the currant proposal given by Dr. Chase. Personally, eye think this will knot rune the universe-city’s reputation ore the grades of students. Sew to the people who are soughing cedes of lyes, yew really knead two grow up bee-caws yew are being mien and just plane crewel. I dew knot understand why pupils hear at the Universe-city of Regina are so callus to the administration.

Any weigh, eye believe eye got my point across. This is my opinion and eye dew knot think eye mist anything. Eye maid sure that every won wood bee Abel two reed my article. Sew eye maid yews of Microsoft Word’s spell chequer. Their were know spelling errors. Eye am pretty positive that eye am knot the only Juan hoo feels this whey, and maybe Somme pupils can cosine with my opinion. Eye appreciate all of yew taking the time to reed this. Thank yew.

Jordan Palmer

Photo illustration by Arthur Ward

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