Immoral Morality: kicking names and taking thrashes


author: zoey yanush | contributor

Scream until you can scream no more / Pixabay

Metal that’ll make you feel

A band of blackened thrash metal with a physiological axe to grind, Immoral Morality is a band that combines different kinds of metal. They are super talented and though only a studio band right now, they definitely deserve some recognition. Immoral Morality may just surprise you. Their music incorporates things like their views on morality and religion. Though the band may leave much to be desired, their lyrical concept on how the two slow down society with unbending dogmas.
I have had the chance to the band myself and as someone who is in a fold of religion and morality I find myself agreeing with some of the concepts and find them extremely relatable. The band finds a way to communicate through Lyrics and music. This is something that most people can never do.

I sat down with the lead singer of Immoral Morality and asked a few questions.

What brought your band together?
“We’ve all been for a while, with very similar tastes in metal. There is not a lot to the formation of the band it just fell into place.”

What type or types of metal do you, as a band, play?

“Instrumentally we are influxes of bands like Darkthrone, Judas Iscariot, Infernal war. Sufic too. We are a twist of black metal and death metal, but we have a thrash metal twist. Vocally I was inspired by bands like Judas Iscariot, Aeon, Incubus Power Trip and Toxic Holocaust. So, if we were to be put into a genre, it would be blackened thrash metal. Lyrically, it’s heavily influenced by the writing of Frederick Nietzsche. But we focus mostly on how morality and religion are nothing more than brain rot that slows us down as a species.”

What are some venues you have played before becoming a studio band?

“The one I feel worth mentioning was Hardluck Bar in Toronto, Ontario.”

What are some newer songs you are working on or have released?

“We are currently working on a new EP. It should be out before the new year. However, if we are experiencing setbacks, it could be some time later.”

What are some favourite songs you have worked on as a band?

“Obituary Of The Obsolete, Counting Down The Clock, Carpet Bomb Serenade.”

This band may only be a studio band right now because they would like to focus on family, but this band deserves some recognition. I might not know everyone in the band but, if you are into metal, they have some pretty killer sounds. If you’re not into metal, they are worth giving a chance (at least listen to one song). You may be really surprised by the concepts this band portrays or even find yourself agreeing with some of the concepts that they portray in their music. Take this from someone who is a future pastor and still agrees with the music that they play.

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