How you doin’ “baby girl?”

Shemar Moore with his fellow cast mates from Criminal Minds back in 2010.

Shemar Moore with his fellow cast mates from Criminal Minds back in 2010.

Shemar Moore’s sexy clothing line

Article: Kaitlynn Nordal – Contributor

[dropcaps round=”no”]H[/dropcaps]ey baby girl. These three simple words when said by actor Shemar Moore can make any women weak in the knees. But now women can have a “baby girl” day all while supporting a good cause.

In 1998, Moore’s mother Marilyn Wilson was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and he has been doing what he can ever since to not only bring awareness to the public but to raise money to find a cure.

“When you’re a kid, your parents are invincible. I always thought of her as my super mom and MS is her kryptonite.” Moore said.

To raise money for M.S. research Moore designed clothes and hats with his catch phrase “baby girl” on them.

Moore has designed loose rainbow coloured tees, tank tops, and t-shirts. For anyone who is smaller, when it comes to the loose tees and tank tops, you must be careful when purchasing these as it could look like you are drowning in them. These two shirts are perfect for anyone who has larger breasts, as they won’t feel so tight and restraining. The t-shirts are form-fitting and are these are a better choice for anyone who is smaller. Loose tees cost $28; tank tops and t-shirts are $25.

There is also a variety of booty shorts for whether you’re at the gym, on a cheer squad, or you’re just way to hot in the summer. The shorts come in either black or white. “Baby Girl” is written on the back of them. There is more of a variety of shorts than the different style of shirts. These shorts are more retro with a 1970s feel to them and are more form fitting. If you are more self-conscious about your booty size, take that into consideration when purchasing them. Shorts cost $23.

There are a variety of nighties for anyone who likes to sleep in them. They come in either black or white and the writing is on the front in a variety of colours. These nighties are loose fitting which makes them perfect for anyone who is taller or has larger breasts. Anyone who is smaller and decides to order them must be careful because it could look like you are drowning in them as well. These nighties cost $34.

There are many different types of camo baseball style hats. For a limited time, Moore is selling specially made “Baby Girl” and “SFM” hats. All the hats are snap back style so nobody has to worry about guessing about head size. The camo and “SFM” hats cost $25 while the other two limited edition hats cost $34.99

The clothes come in sizes Small to XXXL.

If you take a picture wearing any of the merchandise and send it to or submit the photo as #babygirlgear on Twitter or Instagram, Moore may select you as his “Baby Girl of the day” and post your picture on his Facebook page.

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