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Saskatchewan-based clothing company empowers youth

Lauren Golosky
News Writer

Michael Jordan once said, “I have failed over and over and over again, and that is why I succeed.”

People recognize, identify, and apply these famous words to both athletics and, generally, life. People can now also wear the words proudly on a t-shirt, created by Saskatchewan clothing company Hopps Limited.

Hopps Limited co-founder Faisal Sethi strives to manufacture and design athletic apparel with a strong focus on design elements as he believes that clothing designs are often too gaudy today.

“The inspirations [for the designs] come from a philosophical and design-oriented [perspective],” Sethi explained. “We didn’t want to create designs that don’t have much meaning. There’s a lot of typography that are sort of catchy or don’t really have any sustenance behind them, for example, general slang.

“We tried to create inspirational items as well. It could be a quote from Gandhi or a football player that has some meaning to it as well.”

Sethi explained that the origins of Hopps Limited came from some of his past endeavours, as well as the opportunity to tap into an often-overlooked market.

After he returned to Saskatchewan, he stumbled upon an opportunity to design athletic apparel for an old friend’s daughter, who played basketball.

“There was a space where we could create something cool,” Sethi said. “They were asking for very specific prototypes of items that just didn’t exist. [Hopps Limited] essentially started there.”

Originally, the company focused a lot on female athletic apparel, but Sethi and his partners, Jamie and Todd Boldt, realized there were broader opportunities in the male market, as well.

The founders of Hopps Limited all hail from Saskatchewan and are immensely involved in the community. Jaime is considered a basketball legend in Regina and is very involved in community services that help the underprivileged.

“One of our founders [Jaime Boldt] works very much in the community here with gangs and helping girls,” Sethi said. “We have a rich history and strong roots and foundations in Regina."

Hopps Limited very much reflects the founders’ community involvement and sense of activism, particularly in the initiative they created called And-1.

And-1, which is featured prominently on their webpage, is a way for Hopps Limited – and their customers – to support empowering girls through education and sport.    

For every product purchased, Hopps Limited donates a dollar to And-1. To Sethi, this is an important feature of the company.
Inspired by both personal relationships and experiences, Sethi and his team have brought the philanthropic initiative from past endeavors and hope that other companies will be encouraged to contribute more to the community.

“There is a social context when choosing what products we want to support – not just based on form or feel – but what the company does,”  Sethi said. “We’re passionate about design and athleticism and social justice.”

Not only are the founders firmly connected to their community, but they also have strong ties to the province, which helps make their company distinct.

Hopps Limited will also be showcased at Saskatchewan Fashion Week in March.

“There are not very many Saskatchewan designers,” Sethi said. “It’s a unique situation to be in. Being from the Prairies gives us a very specific viewpoint or angle on our products.”

As for the Jordan t-shirt, it’s its top seller.

“It’s a pretty iconic phrase,” Sethi said. “Its applicable, not just to athletics, but to life.”

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