Gymtok: exploring the world of fitness influencers

If you’re Gen Z, TikTok’s an app. If you’re a Millennial, TiK ToK is a Ke$ha song. Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

I wonder if they actually like their green smoothies…

Do you ever wonder what it is like on gym TikTok? Well, I am going to tell you about it, as that is literally all that is on my “for you” page! When you are scrolling the side of “gymtok,” you come across multiple kinds of videos that can keep you motivated and get you into the right mindset for the gym.

Before you get to know all about my “for you” page, I want to tell you a bit about myself and my own personal fitness journey so you know why I have my opinions. Sports and being an athlete have always been big parts of my identity. During high school, I played a bunch of sports. I was the goalie for the soccer team, point guard on the women’s basketball team, wrestler for a year, on a rugby team, and I trained on the side for fun. Once I graduated from high school, it took a bit to get back into the habit of sports and exercise.

I have now been going to a gym called Oxygen Yoga and Fitness for over a year. I keep a balance of going five to six times a week as well as doing a minor workout or a walk once a day. I also do hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, water sports, and other outside activities to help keep myself active.

Although it is called “gymtok,” it is not all about going to the gym. It is also about eating well. For me, a typical day of eating starts with a good breakfast; some protein right off the top, and sometimes some carbs. Normally, my options for breakfast consist of two eggs, toast with peanut butter, and fruit, oatmeal, or yogurt with fruit and chia seeds. Then, once I have some breakfast in me, I take some pre-workout and head to the gym. After I am finished at the gym, it is normally around lunch time. My typical options are a salad with protein like some salmon or chicken (make sure to check out my other article this week to read all my tips on that), a sandwich with fruit or veggies on the side, or some tuna with crackers. Supper has multiple options: stir fry with some protein, vegetables and carbs, burgers with a salad or some french fries, or pasta with meat and veggies. Some common snacks consist of popcorn, rice cakes, yogurt and granola, and fruit with nuts.

Now that you know all about my personal fitness and my personal eating habits, let’s talk about the “for you” page. There are a variety of different kinds of videos that you come across on the “gymtok,” and I am going to tell you about them and my personal opinion on what it is like – then you can choose who and what to follow on TikTok.

First up, let’s talk about gym vlogs. What is a vlog, you might ask? Well, it is a video and a blog – a vlog! A few that I have come across involve the person giving themselves an informal introduction and then explaining what they will be working on at the gym. Once the introduction is done, they get at it! The person might show you some clips of what they are working on, like dance moves, or what they do personally between sets, and might also give some personal information on how they are feeling. What they say is totally what happens in the gym for many people, which is what makes it the best. Some common things you can hear are “oh god that was terrible!” or “let’s get this workout” or “I look hot today” or “I did that move wrong, my form was wrong,” and so forth. All these thoughts are completely normal, and I think are good thoughts to have in the gym.

Another kind of video that you can come across is an internet classic: a good old “get ready with me” (fitness edition). These TikToks are made by girls showing what they do in the morning to get ready for the gym. It normally consists of making their beds, picking a perfect outfit, then taking some pre-workout, greens, or an aesthetic coffee. Now, trust me, if these videos do not make you want to pick out a cute outfit to go the gym in, I do not know what will. Based on what I know from my own journey, picking a cute outfit is the whole aesthetic of going to the gym.

Now that you have made your bed, chosen a cute outfit, and have some caffeine in your system, it is time to go the gym. One more type of video that is commonly on the gym feed involves workout routines. Honestly, there are plenty of these on TikTok, and they are all unique, which makes it the best because you pick and choose what to do.

Everyone needs some protein and food in their system after a good workout, and many TikTokers love to show their recipes. Now, there are plenty of things you can eat after a workout that can help restore your muscles. Some good options are protein bars and protein shakes. If anyone can make anything more nutritious, crazy gym people can. I have seen people make ice cream healthier, cookies healthier, milkshakes healthier – the options are endless.

So, you know how people get ready for a workout, you know some feelings that people have during a workout, you know where to find some crazy and new workouts, and you know where to find a post-workout meal that will definitely be enjoyable! Now, go scroll on TikTok and find some inspiration, Carillon readers, just like I get to every day!


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