Gym review series: Oxygen Yoga and Fitness

Instructor of Oxygen Yoga and Fitness stands super buff after teaching a cardio and strength class Victoria Baht

Let’s review the gyms for a new year, new me

Most of us know the month of January has a constant theme of “new year, new me.” For the month of January, each issue is going to feature a sports article based on a different gym in Regina. It will include a review and then a short interview between myself and the instructor of the class. Make sure to check in weekly to see which gyms you should try out to get a new you!

This week, we are visiting the Oxygen Yoga and Fitness studio. The studio has a great setup! You get to book your classes online using an app, and you can see a variety of different classes with a variety of different instructors. Not only can you book a class, but they also have an option to do classes on the app. You can stream the classes live, or you can do them on demand. This seems like a great option for people who have a crazy life or want to stay home because of COVID.

So, what is this gym doing for safety during the pandemic? When you walk through the doors you have a worker greet you and check your temperature. Once you get into the studio you are six feet away from each client, giving the option to remove masks. You can enjoy your workout mask free, although once you step off the mat, you put the mask back on. The instructors also sanitize all gear between classes and mop the floor as a safety precaution for the clients.

Let the class begin! Start by laying out your yoga mat at a designated spot with some equipment. Okay, I made it to the studio, I am in my spot, now what is that I feel? I already feel some warmth… I haven’t even started working out already, why am I so warm? The answer to that question is one of the unique things about Oxygen Yoga: is has an infrared studio which means that the studio is always warmed up to about 34-36 degrees. Now that’s a great way to stay warm these winter months!

Okay, time to work out. Let’s get ready! Step one is laying down in savasana. This is a pose where you lay down on your mat comfortably and try to clear your mind and get into the true state of either relaxation or “let’s kick some butt this workout!” The instructors help you get into that mindset by talking to you. They tell you what to expect for the class, saying it is okay to take a break when you need, or it is okay if you want to keep pushing yourself harder. This is your workout and it is your body, so do what makes you feel comfortable. After a few minutes of motivation speaking, you then do some light stretches of your body while laying down.

Then it is time to start! You pop back up on your toes and start moving. For this review specifically I took the class called “Hot Tone and Sculpt,” and holy man is it a killer! This is a unique class where your movements are in a sequence of three. Let’s say you are doing a squat: you go down for three counts and come up for one, and then you reverse it down for one and up for three. With cardio, you burst after four power moves. Trust me, the class goes by fast, and you feel powerful. When the class is all done you do a quick stretch again and lay back down in savasana. Then, they end each class sitting all together and thanking you for coming out. We all put our hands together in front of our chests in the shape of a heart and say, “I love my life!”

That is your workout! “Sounds easy” you may think, but just wait until you try it – your body will burn and feel amazing. One thing Oxygen is good for is providing options to make the workout truly for you. You can just do arms, just do legs, or take a break. Even for the cardio bursts you can go all out or take a low power version; whatever is good for you is good for them. Would I go back for another class? 100 per cent.

Now let’s hear it from Shawna Taylor, an instructor at Oxygen studio (and man, she kills it every time).

What do you like specifically about teaching classes at the studio?

I like being able to motivate, see the progress and work in the clients. It always fills me with a fire and passion each time I step on to the mat.

What keeps you personally motivated to be a fitness instructor?

Part of it is my own fitness journey, it is a big part of my life. Plus, the yoga has given me a chance to calm down and relax. I find if I can do it with others, it keeps me motivated to keep pushing myself and them as well.

What is some advice you would give someone who is wanting to try your gym for the first time?

Do not be afraid! It might look intimating but we will always offer you different levels and different options. So just come, and don’t be afraid to be outside of your zone and grow.

We all know January is the month for “new year, new me.” What are some suggestions you have for people to not only have a “new me,” but to improve their habits and lifestyle?

Do not put a lot on new resolutions. Focus on yourself and start by being healthier, and it starts when you are ready. Be more conscious of your body and yourself and with how you feel.

Does the gym have any special promotions going on right now? If so, can you explain them?

At Oxygen North we are celebrating our fifth year so we have sales and deals and contracts, and chat with the front desk to find out more!

That’s all, Carillon readers! Now you know what is like to workout at Oxygen studio. Make sure to check back next week to see which gym we review and interview next, and remember to love your life!


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