Graduate Students’ Association and The Owl co-host fundraiser

Campus comes together to support student with cancer/Pixabay

Students band together to help their own

In a June 7 email sent to the graduate students litserv, students were informed of a fundraiser for a graduate student who is facing treatment for cancer. University of Regina Graduate Student Association President Latoya Reid wrote about the plight of the student in question.

“Sadly, one among us was recently diagnosed with cancer, is currently undergoing treatment and requires our support in whatever way possible. The costs associated with treatments of this nature can be exorbitant, to the extent of exhausting one’s personal resources. This is especially more impactful when one has to stop working. Admirably, our fellow graduate student continues to study while undergoing treatment. It is our intention as a university body to show our solidarity in supporting him on his way back to ‘wellness’.”

“Collaboratively, URGSA and URSU are co-hosting a fundraiser to benefit our fellow student as he seeks to fight his cancer diagnosis. Look out for donation jars that will be placed at different locations around campus for us to make contributions. Also, jars for us to write positive uplifting messages for him to read on days that he may feel low in spirit.”

The event will be hosted on June 17 from 5-8 p.m. The cost is $10 for appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. Donations can be made at The Owl, the URSU front desk, as well as at Henderson’s.

The student is a current staff member of The Owl. Owl Kitchen Supervisor Asnoldo “AJ” Prieto spoke about the support the person has from his coworkers and his community as an international student.

“A fellow coworker of ours got diagnosed, by surprise, with Leukemia. Himself being an international student and tuition itself being three times more expensive for him, has put him in pickle when it comes to his studies plus all the extras when it comes to his illness.”

Prieto said that the fundraiser was part of what it means to be a good co-worker.

“It was the very least that we could do as co-workers, as a supporting team with himself being part of us, part of the Owl family. ”

Prieto encouraged those who may be interested in donating to “be grateful for their blessings” and had a simple message for the student who is currently recovering when asked what he would tell him if he were the one asking the questions.

“To always realize that we are here for him regardless, whatever it may be. [The] Owl as a family has his back and we cannot wait until he’s back and running and joining us again.”

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