Good Coffee, Good Nanaimo Bars, so what’s not to like?


Stone’s Throw gives students their caffeine fix

Article: John Loeppky – Contributor

Straight across from campus in the Kramer’s Corner strip mall, sits one of the best caffeine infused gems of the city. Open for over twenty years and voted best coffee shop for food in 2012 by Prairie Dog magazine, the Stone’s Throw Coffee House is one of those places that invites those who want to study rather than pushing them away. Filled with everything from the Rocky Road Mocha (something I refer to as candy in a cup), to one of their freshly-ground creations, it is a place to come and study, eat a good Nanaimo bar—and, really, who doesn’t like a good Nanaimo bar–and get down to work by checking Facebook or evading that deadline that is hovering above your head.

Who can resist a tempting cup of caffeine? /source:

The amount of comfortable seating is rather impressive. This morning, I walked in–they really should be charging me rent by now–and ordered the aforementioned Rocky Road Mocha for the same amount of money I would pay at good ol’ Tim Horton’s. Not only that, but I turned around and almost walked into half of the Arts faculty. I have seen a student, mid-essay writing session, walk over and ask their professor a question. The music playing in the background is enough to keep you smiling, but not enough to interrupt your favourite YouTube video–whoops, I mean hard-working study session–and the seats are super-comfortable for those all-day affairs.

Considering its clientele, it is not entirely surprising that the array of food available at Stone’s Throw is top notch and as varied as it is tasty. After all, sandwiches and coffee have always been best friends. For those with a sweet tooth, with a section dedicated entirely to deserts, there is bound to be something that will tickle your fancy. Drink wise, the possibilities are endless. Make sure to look on the chalkboard for any applicable special deals. A punch card reward system allows for repeatedly satisfied customers to benefit. Many varieties of their coffee are available to take home in bean form as well, an advantage for the coffee connoisseur in all of us.

But, what is a coffee shop if it’s not open? Stone’s Throw has a very appealing schedule. Starting September 5th, you will be able to get your caffeine fix starting at 7 a.m. and get it as late as 10 p.m., Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday, the schedule changes to a very reasonable 7 to 9. Even Sunday is an option, with 8 to 8 being the operating hours (a luxury you don’t get with any of the food options on campus).

Stone’s Throw is the perfect place to meet your friends and relax or, you know, finish the work you were supposed to be done yesterday.

And don’t forget the student discount!

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