Frost Week!


URSU plans a week of winter festivities

Author: derek cameron – news writer

Activities will be inclusive for all students. / Jingyu Zhang

Activities will be inclusive for all students. / Jingyu Zhang

Welcome weeks usually aren’t in the business of making money, but this year URSU managed to turn a profit while entertaining students. By hiring local bands, being flexible and being involved URSU guaranteed that this year’s welcome week would be a success.

“We wanted to be more engaging, more hands on this year,” said Daniella Zemlak URSU vice-president of external relations.

Because of the success URSU is going to hold a winter welcome week dubbed “Frost Week.” Frost week will run from Jan. 5-9.

This week is designed to welcome those who may have missed out on the fun the first time around as well as kick the winter semester off with a little more energy.

“I started in the winter semester; there was nothing going on … so when I was planning Frost Week I kept that in mind,” said Zemlak.

Frost week hopes to build on what URSU learned in the fall semester. Addressing the fact that some students will be under the legal drinking age, activities planned are designed to engage as many students as possible.

Jan. 5, the first day of Frost Week will feature a breakfast in the multipurpose room and URSU is in the process of organizing a skating expedition complete with bussing out to the rink. The focus of this week seems to be getting everyone involved, as Zemlak pointed out.

“The bussing is really great for residence students who may have trouble organizing rides but who still want to participate.”

Jan. 7 of Frost Week also lines up with Ukrainian Christmas. To celebrate this event, the Wednesday will feature a pirogi and cabbage roll lunch as well as dollar draft at the Owl. Zemlak also pointed out how this provided a cultural exchange for international students.

“It’s a really great opportunity for people to try new things to celebrate something that some of them maybe haven’t thought about.” Said Zemlak.

If all goes according to plan, there will also be Ukrainian dancers coming out to the University to help everyone get in the mood.

Jan. 8 will keep the ball rolling with a winter carnival in the gym. Student societies will be able to set up and interact with potential members and students will be able to come out and meet them. As well, the day promises to be fun and interactive featuring popcorn and dino-bouncers at the winter carnival. Trivia in the Owl will make its first appearance of the semester, a favorite of many students, and will hope to draw in many first timers and veterans alike.

Jan. 9 will close out the week with the faculty cup. The faculty cup will pit faculty against faculty in winter activities such as human skis, sled dog races, and much more.

The last event will be a Snowball gala, a semi-formal in the Owl, a “new year’s party for the new semester.”

Zemlak closed the interview saying she hoped “to get all students out to as many activities as possible, have them engaged and loving the U of R.”

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