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Three pictures taken at the Self-Image Boutique where Victoria Baht poses with a few of their sets, including a diner theme and the window seat of an airplane.
Travel around the world all in one day!  Victoria Baht

Theme rooms, props, and consistent variety make for a unique Self Image Boutique 

Are you looking to spice up your Instagram? Are you someone who hates taking pictures? Do you have a big announcement coming up, or maybe a special date? Are you looking for a fun night out with friends? Well, I think I found a perfect place for you no matter which one of the above applies to you! It is called the Self Image Boutique, and today I am going to get you an insider’s scoop as I walked around, chatted with the owner, and got to take some pictures myself!  

Self Image Boutique is a small local business owned by Anna and Matina. I walked around and got to chat with Matina, and explore their creative local business. Self Image Boutique is a place where you get to walk around and take pictures of your choosing, but not just any pictures! They have 25 different themed rooms, and they are constantly changing so nothing gets old. Quite honestly, the choices, creativity, and options are endless!  

Matina explained that this small business works in a way that they change the rooms every four months, and they change the holiday rooms every month. So, for example, as I walked around, I got to see a bathtub filled with yellow, orange, and white balls and some ducks, and got to look like I took a step back into the past and was enjoying a milkshake at an old-fashioned diner. Other rooms made it look like I was taking a phone call with a good friend, pretending I was on an airplane mid-flight, and even taking a picture with the Easter bunny.  

If the backgrounds are not enough, don’t worry, they have plenty of props that you can use and you can take them anywhere within the building. That is where you can get creative and have everyone enjoy their time. Do you have a little one that is obsessed with candy? Perfect! Have them sit down and take a picture with a lollipop, and have them carry it around the boutique. They can pose on a couch and still take a cool picture with it, can pretend they are at a Pats game eating a lollipop – whatever you can imagine, it can work here!  

Another cool way you can create these images and have them be special for you is that you can take them yourself. They have the option of using a ring light, which is included in your admission price and just connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Although, if you are looking to get something done for you, they have a professional photographer if you choose and they can make it a little extra special, pose you a certain way, and help you get those quality shots. Matina touched base on how a good majority of customers choose to do an hour of just themselves taking pictures where they get to have fun, be comfy, and gain a perspective of the space and what they would like to do in it. Then, you can pay a little extra to have the photographer take your picture as well for 30 or 60 minutes to guarantee a great variety in your photos.  

This is a really cool local business, and honestly a cool setup and idea! I only walked around for a short period of time, only took a few pictures, and honestly, I loved it. You can also look into booking a party room where you have the option of more special rooms, and you can ask to make certain things specialized. You can do wedding dates, for example, and have your names and dates put in a certain area for an additional price. Assure you check out their website for all the details before you dive in.  

Self Image Boutique is a great place to go by yourself, with your significant other, alongside a group of friends, your family, or an athletics team. Literally anyone could enjoy this setup as long as you can sit back, relax, be creative, and have fun. The takeaway message of this business that I got is to really be yourself, have fun, and take all the pictures you can to make some extra special memories!  

Make sure to check out their website and social media for prices, picture ideas, and more. As an added bonus, all U of R students get 10 per cent off just by showing their student ID. Also, if you are a loyal customer, you can make five visits and get the sixth one free. You can check out more details at  


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