FNUniv presidency candidates don’t include Shauneen Pete


First Nations University has narrowed down candidates for the institution's presidency, which means saying goodbye to Dr. Shauneen Pete, the university's interim president and former vice-president of academics, who was pulled in to overhaul the university after last year's funding crisis. Here's what the FNUniv students' association sent us:

Losing a leader like Dr. Pete is devastating. As students, we all understood what it was like to go through the crisis that plagued our school a year ago. Dr. Pete, like many students, felt the backlash of the executive that nearly doomed our school. And, like the students, Dr. Pete refused to let the school die. She stood strong alongside the students every chance she got.
When she became interim president, she pulled the First Nations University of Canada out of despair, by being an active participant of the day to day flow of the University, available to students and staff alike.  She brought all of us to a point where we can be proud of our school, and of the work we all do there by getting it operating under some very restrictive conditions. Her knowledge in the direction this school is headed is an essential part of this school's future and needs to be taken into account no matter who will become president.
She was one of us, not an elite, not an executive, but one of us. She will be missed and I personally wish her all the luck in the world. We as, First Nations, Metis and Canadians need more leaders like Dr. Shauneen Pete.

We ran a profile on FNUniv leaders that included Dr. Pete; you can read it here.


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