FIVE: The Fall songs to listen to in the fall


The Fall weren’t named after the season, but Albert Camus’ novel of the same name. In spite of this, here are the top five songs by The Fall best listened to during autumn. 

5. “Bombast” (This Nation’s Saving Grace)

To be fair, almost all of This Nation’s Saving Grace seems to be suited for either late-fall or dead-of-winter listening sessions, but “Bombast” is a great track to listen to in your headphones when the wind is howling and you’re not sure if the rain is going to turn into snow or not. 

4. “Frightened” (Live at the Witch Trials)

 “Frightened”’s plodding bass line, minimal organ sounds, and skeletal guitars make it a perfect song to listen to while trudging in the cold on sidewalks covered in dead leaves.

3. “Fit and Working Again.” (Slates)

 One of the more optimistic songs on this list, “Fit and Working Again” makes a companion piece to any fall day when the sun brings a warm, brief reprieve from the otherwise chilly weather.

2. “Your Heart Out” (Dragnet)

 The Fall’s Mark E. Smith may be an intolerable crank, but when he’s inspired he sure can write a great love song (if you could call it that). An anti-depressive statement of purpose, “Your Heart Out” is the most affirmative song on this list. Also: the line “Don’t cry for me Mexico” is patently ridiculous. 

1. “R. O. D.” (Bend Sinister)

The darkest and most lyrically abstract tune on this list, “Realm of Dusk” is a personal favorite Fall song of mine. Near as I can tell, it has absolutely nothing to do with the season of fall, and more to do with the people of Northern England. With that in mind, it’s the atmosphere of “R.O.D.” that links it most closely to the period of late fall; sounding on the very edge of the encroaching cold. 

Christian Hardy, A&C Editor

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